Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is For All the Mormons Out There

So I was thinking today about how there are some parts of my calling(s) I hate. First, I am the visiting teaching coordinator. I collect all the visiting teaching supervisors' reports once a month and enter them into the computer. I pass out new assignments and new report sheets every month or two when changes are made. I help once a year with the visiting teaching interviews, and also once a year with the visiting teaching dinner thingy. Overall, it's the easiest cake-walk of a calling I've ever had. But I do hate driving around the ward in the freezing cold, getting out of my car every few houses to run a piece of paper up to the door. Not my favorite part.

I'm also on the Enrichment Committee, in charge of the Young Couples Activities, held monthly. Yes, that is EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I'm in charge of motivating young 20 and 30 something marrieds to come hang out with each other. You wouldn't think so, but it's a drag. No one wants to come. Because I live in a ward of deadbeats. Because they're too busy. Because they're too poor. Because they couldn't possibly stand a night away from their kids with FREE babysitters. Whatever. I spend a ton of time advertising the activities--emails, evites, phone calls, personal door to door invitations, flyers, and Sunday announcements--and then the same 6 couples come who come to everything, and every so often we'll get one random new couple or slightly inactive couple. I guess those few random couples keep me going. But sometimes I just wish people here were willing to put any effort into being part of a ward family. But again, it's not the worst calling ever. There are lots of worse callings I could have. And that got me thinking.....what are the worst callings I could have? And I came up with a list of the top 3 worst callings ever. (Just for the record, anything with the word "president" in it automatically qualifies as a worst calling. So I'll just skip over those and go to the less obvious ones.) Here are mine:

3. Activities Committee Chair (been there, done that. HATED IT. Soooo much pressure, so little budget.)
2. Sacrament Meeting Pianist (You have to be there EVERY week, ON TIME. No thanks.)
1. Primary chorister, specifically jr. primary. ( Trying to come up with fun, creative, interactive ways to teach little kids-- who can't read and can't sit still for 15 seconds-- songs every week for twenty long minutes? Shoot me now.)

But I realize everyone is different. So what are your top 3 worst possible callings?


devri said...

I don't think I have a worst, but the best calling I have ever had was ward library lady.. woo hoo yippee.. I was bummed when they pulled me out of that one.

Jen said...

The worst calling I have ever had was YW camp director. One I am NOT I repeat NOT a camper. Unless its in cabins with running hot water and toilets. (we just never did it as kids so I just never got into it I guess)Two I dont do well with YW drama, and the ward I was in at the time was FULL of it. It was my personal nightmare. Third I had never been in YW and new nothing about YW period. It was by far the most challenging calling I have ever had, and I DO NOT want it again.

I also don't think being in any presidency would be a good idea for me, at least not now.

I also HATE talking in front of people, especially a lot of people, so a teacher over adults would suck for me too. So thats my list.

CaraDee said...

I will be released from YW when I have the baby, so I'm pretty much terrified of what they put me in afterward.
The calling I'm most scared of getting is anything in Scouts. Don't want it!!
For the VT slips, in the wards I've been in, they just pass them around in RS. Like with the roll, or in a separate folder that people pass around. No one's ever dropped it off at my door.

Omgirl said...

Cara, that's cause you go to church. I do pass the ones out to those ladies who go to church. but since 85% of my ward considers church attendance optional, there is a lot of passing out to do.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. I was the primary chorister and hated it! It was so hard for the exact reason you stated. Not to mention the fact that I have NO musical talent. What were they thinking? HOnestly!

veronica said...

Primary Chorister is actually one of my favorites!
Ward Choir Director is the WORST!!!

And I'm really glad that I'm a girl, because I can't imagine the mental anguish and stress involved in being the bishop.
My husband is on the high council and I tell him that if they ever try to call him as the bishop I will take up drinking.

heidi said...

nursery. i stay at home with my kids. why would i want to go to church and spend time with other people's kids?

cub scouts. gross.

girl's camp cook. cooking outside in the heat for a bunch of whiny teenagers would be my personal hell.

Kristina P. said...

I don't even know what my calling is called. I posted about it a while ago. It's sort of a made up calling over our condo complex. We are supposed to visit new move ins and less actives. It's fine, but it's just so confusing!

Suzie said...

Do I dare say what the worst would be, isn't that like "asking for it"? But, I doubt my Bishop will see your blog, lol, so here it goes.

1- Gospel Doctrine teach, YIKES!
2- Primary teach (I find it SUPER boring)
3- President of any organization, umm no thanks.

Your ward sounds pathetic. When are you going to move?

L. said...

Arianne, I never want to be primary chorister either, but my sister Kathy, after TWO hitches as YW president (two wards in 2 states, including several pregnant teens) and one hitch as RS president, actually went to her bishop and BEGGED to be primary chorister. She says it's her favorite job in the world. I'm going to have to go see what she does that makes it so fun. Probably 129 lbs of that old "Nicholes Ham."

(When I was called as Primary Bible-story Teller, the kids actually stood up and cheered when I entered the room, and clapped and cheered some more when I finished the story. The Prim. President considered this highly irreverent - so she got me released as storyteller. We can't have primary being actual FUN, you know! Gotta keep those arms folded and those eyes wandering.)

Since I LOVE to teach and speak, I like teaching anything, especially Gospel Doctrine. But I HATED 4 years of early morning Seminary in Detroit, cause I had to get up at 5:30. Everyone knows I never crash till 2 a.m. Those were HARD years.

I guess my worst calling would be either nursery leader or Sunbeams. I don't care HOW cute they are, I need some intelligent -- or at least relevant -- feedback. (Question: "Children, Who is it that wants us to be His sunbeams?" Answer from the only child not crawling under their chair, and who eagerly waves her hand to respond: "My daddy has a special boy thing in his pants."

Even 9 year old intelligence is better than none. I had a good time with 12 9-year-old boys who drove all the other teachers (even 2 men at ONCE) to tears. I told stories and gave treats to whomever didn't move during the class. They were statues for me!

Melissa said...

Pack leader, den mother, or ward librian. Those might make me go inactive.
And if Splenda Daddy and I weren't so wicked old, we would totally come hang out at your activities.

Kenny and Kelli Ray said...

I also think one of the worst callings is the jr. primary chorister. I would probably end up yelling at the kids to sit down and shut up...oh wait, if they shut up, can they sing? my point exactlyy.

I also did not like being on the activities committee. I'm too picky and there's NO budget.

I'll let you know my third worst when this year is over. :)

tammy said...

Okay so you just told me I have the worst calling. Should I be feeling depressed? I've been the organist for 3 weeks now. Along with being the choir pianist. And a month ago I would've totally agreed with you. But so far it hasn't been bad. No lessons to prepare, no meetings to go to. And it helps that our Sac. Mtg. doesn't start until 1:00, so I can make it there on time. I just better be released when we change to 8:00am.

I think Gospel Doctrine teacher would be the worst. And I was kind of relieved when I was released from the HFPE committee because that meant I didn't have to go anymore. I also think Cubmaster would suck too.

Omgirl said...

Organist/pianist would only the worst for ME, Tammy. I would actually enjoy being the gospel doctrine teacher, though, (as long as it was every other week).That's why it's a good thing we're all different!

tiburon said...

Any calling in nursery sucks.

But I must say my current calling of paper passer outerer pretty much sucks.

I have never felt less useful in my whole life.

J.J. said...

I am an eagle scout but I'm just not into scouts at all. In fact, when we moved into our new ward the bishopric came over to "visit" and they asked what we had done. Then they asked if there was anything we would prefer not to do- my wife-love her- blurted out, "HE HATES SCOUTS!" Turns out, they had come over to call me as scout master...the result, Exec my Sunday's consist of getting to church at 5:45 am and have three hours of meetings before 9 am church. While most people would hate that I am consoled by the fact that I be doing the "Ice-Man" camp-out next weekend expecting -2 high temps. :)

MiaKatia said...

It is interesting to read all the responses! We are all so different for sure.

I would find it near soul crushing to have to do anything that revolved around music. I don't play any instruments (at least I haven't in years) and I don't sing (read severe childhood trauma involving 5 heartless brothers who are all exceptional singers and fierce at taunting).

Primary was a tough period for me because I crave adult conversation and spiritual discourse.

I love to teach adults, mostly because that is when I learn the most. Love YW including all their insane drama.

Anonymous said...

I've never been a fan of callings. If I had to pick, I'd rather do clerk stuff like finances or membership records. Beats having to prepare lessons that no one listens to.