Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yeah For Privacy!

So in case I haven't mentioned it yet, I went to Vegas for a girls weekend. Only it wasn't the weekend. It was during the week. And it was just the two of us girls, so not really the big loud crazy-women extravaganza you might be invisioning. Actually, it did involve at least one crazy woman. I'm not naming names, but it wasn't me (coughcaracough). It was a blast. And I will blog about it. As soon as the other-woman-who-shall-remain-nameless gets off her butt and sends me some pictures (I forgot my camera).

In the meantime, here's a shout out to the Wynn Hotel. First, we did not stay there. Don't imagine for a moment that I am that rich. It's a 5 star, 5 diamond resort. Their base room is like $600. But I did go there to drop a few friends off at the lake, so to speak. And let me just say that nothing is more pleasing than to go into a public bathroom where the stalls are 10 feet high and the doors go all the way to the top of that 10 feet and to within 2 inches of the floor. No gaps between the stalls. No shabbily mounted door hinges that allow little to the imagination as women walk past your stall. And big heavy latches that let you know the door is securely locked. Steve (Wynn), you sure didn't spare any expense on these crappers, and I salute you for it. Also, if it wasn't weird to take a picture inside a woman's bathroom, I probaly would have taken a picture of the bathroom sinks cause they were the bomb too.

p.s. I'm not obsessed with public bathrooms. This is only my SECOND post on the subject. When I hit my 5th, you can call me obsessed.


Hildie said...

I always get stage fright in public bathrooms. That's why I love toilets that are in their own rooms. I feel like I can finally get down to business.

Christie said...

I actually don't like the bathrooms with the floor-to-ceiling doors because I never know if someone is inside. Glad you had fun though!

Chelsea said...

I am so with you on this one Arianne, I love public restrooms that actually offer privacy! Now if they could only soundproof those stalls I might actually be able to go #2 in public (TMI alert!)

Mindi said...

i heart vegas and can't wait for photos--and fyi, you can get rooms at the wynn this summer (of course selected dates, which generally means NOT ANY DATES YOU WANT) for $159.......if you go down again i'll send you the promo code!