Monday, June 16, 2008

Me and Her

I know that some people hate Vegas. I'm not one of them. I love it. I can't get enough of it. It's so interesting, such a hodge podge of people. It makes for some seriously great people-watching. And there's tons to do. And the weather is always better in Vegas than here (well, maybe not July and August). And it's the best fun place to go within driving distance. So I just love to go there. And thankfully my hubby was so good about letting me escape this week, even the week of Father's Day. So my friend Cara and I took off in my oh-so-hip Subaru Just-Shy-of-a-Minivan (Tribecca) and headed for Sin City.

From the pictures you can't really tell much of what we did (other than eat). Most of them are just pictures of her and me (and yes, that is proper grammar in case you were thinking of correcting me with a "she and I.") So without further ado, here is a photo journal of our trip...

First is a picture of me exiting the very posh bathrooms at our last pit stop, about 20 miles before Vegas. We had to stop here when I casually remarked to Cara (who was driving), "Hmmmm...why does the read out say the number of miles until we are empty is three dashes?" Unfortunately, I also had to pee and this was all there was.

Cara also captured us on film enjoying the ambiance from the outside.

Here am I in the hallway of The Flamingo. They have renovated a part of the hotel to create these hip, modern rooms called "Go Rooms." Even the carpet in these wings is modern and hip and it made me kind of dizzy.

The rooms feature smoked glass doors, a big king bed with a tufted white vinyl headboard, a mini TV in the bathroom mirror, and a giant flat screen TV. Pretty cool.

We had dinner at a restaurant in the hotel called "Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville." It was fairly good and reasonably priced, which is hard to find in Vegas. We sat at a bar table to avoid a wait and another (older) couple asked to share it with us. It was kind of weird, we thought, but we let them and they turned out to be nice. We all enjoyed the entertainment together--a scantily clad girl sliding down a water slide on the faux roof behind us into a giant ho-sized Margarita. Entertainment doesn't get more Vegas than that.

When we finally settled into bed around midnight of the first night (I was about 20 seconds from being asleep), we were debating about whether or not to watch a movie, or rather Cara was trying to convince me that I would be able to stay awake for The Other Boelyn Sister. I'll let you be the judge of who would have been right on that account. Just then, our TV went out. The maintanance man said it was shot, so Cara persuaded the hotel staff to move us into another room--one with a view. So instead of a roof-top and pool view, we got this view, which included a head-on view of Caesar's Palace and a side view of the Bellagio fountains...

We went to see the amazing water show at the Wynn called La Reve. You can watch some video clips of it here. It's kind of Cirque de Soleil-esque, but peformed almost entirely in water (like O? I've never seen that one.) It was amazing. And the theater was amazing. It was a round bowl with maybe 20 rows of super cushy arm chairs. We were in row 4, which gave us an incredible view. They don't let you take pictures until the end, so all we got is a picture of us, and one of the closing fountain.

The Wynn, as mentioned in my previous post, is an amazing hotel. It is just beautiful inside with attention paid to every detail. Here are a couple of shots of it, including the breathtaking waterfall garden restaurant, at which we could not afford to eat. That big white square you see in the second picture is a giant wall of water falling into an infinity pool. Amazing in real life. Sadly, boring in a picture.

And this is Pedro, the guy cleaning my windows on the 22nd floor. He couldn't see me (or so Cara swears) but I could see him. I tried to go up to the window and get his attention, but he ignored me. I still got changed for the pool in the bathroom, just to be safe.

Here are some pictures of me enjoying my spaghettini with lemon caper butter, Cara enjoying her ice water, and the both of us super excited about our dessert, although it ended up being a very disappointing apple crisp with little crisp on it and the a la mode part costing an extra $1.50, which is a rip off when your crappy dessert was already $5.95. (How's THAT for a run-on?)

We stopped in the ghetto outside Vegas to get some gas. But they only took cash. We thought about stopping here for some donuts, but the fact that they had to advertise them as "real" made us a little suspicious.

Finally, we stopped for yet more expensive gas in Beaver. After a few obligatory Beaver jokes and some jerky, we got back in the car and headed home. We finally arrived at 10pm: somewhat tanner, definitely fatter, and thankfully more relaxed. Just as it should be after a girls weekend (midweek) in Vegas.


CaraDee said...

Velly velly nice account.
I liked "ho-sized Margarita" the best....

Christie said...

That actually does look like a really fun trip. (actually, anything away from the kids sounds like fun to me) And I do think Vegas could be fun, with the right people of course.

And you've gotta love the Fillmore/Beaver area of the state. Doesn't get any better than that.

CaraDee said...

It's "frosted" glass....and by the way, Miss Grammar...It's "Her and Me". Although in your own blog, you do get top billing. HA I love you.

Hildie said...

Darren's parents went to that show, only they have no idea how to pronounce anything even slightly foreign so they kept telling me how great " La Vere" was. They also mentioned how the "con-say-ay" got them really good seats. I'm guessing that's the concierge.

Chelsea said...

I love Vegas too. It sounds like you had so much fun!

Mmmm, Beaver jerky!

Mindi said...

being a vegas gal, i must say: LOVE THAT HEADBOARD!!!! the flamingo got all hip and urban on us! good for you!!

beaver? did you use my husbands favorite line ever? that he's currently in the 'fillmore-beaver area'?? (he thinks it never gets old.)

Briya said...

There is never a dull moment in Vegas... Looks like you had a great time

alex dumas said...

I'm a Vegas-hater. I admit it. But it *is* good people watching if you like a freak show.