Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last Chance!!!

Today is your last chance to enter the drawings.

Giveaway # 1 is for 4 soaps of your choice.

Giveaway # 2 is for a Color Stay lipstick of your choice.

Giveaway # 3 is for the ultimate 80's CD, Acid Washed Dreams (2 winners).

If you haven't entered, get on it! Respond to the giveaway posts above with a comement containing your blog name or email and how you found my blog. You have until midnight tonight. I'll announce the winners tomorrow morning shortly before I blow this joint (I'm going to Vegas, baby). I'll send out your prizes when I get home, which will probably be Saturday. Good luck to everyone who entered!


Christie said...

is it ok that I didn't post where I found your blog?

Have fun in Vegas! I think its going to be about 50 degrees hotter down there than it will be here.

sarah marie. said...

i want to enter! and i need your email..just to have

Omgirl said...
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