Thursday, June 12, 2008

What a _____________!!!

Read this...

I hope my friend Kim doesn't mind that I posted it. It just got me so riled up!!!

I'd love to hear the comments from all my friends who wasted their prime marrying years by getting educated and traveling and working.


Mindi said...

it makes me want to NOT marry a mormon boy. thank goodness i already found mine if that's what it's coming down to out there in the big ole lds dating pool.


Chelsea said...

Wow. So what are single women supposed to do, sit at home and knit booties all day while they wait for Prince Charming to knock on their door?? Puh-LEASE. No one criticizes single MEN for having a life!

I also love how he assumes that once you get married a woman can't travel, make her own decisions, or have fun with friends. If that's what married life was really like, I definitely wouldn't have gotten married!

He really sounds like someone who is bitter that his advances have been spurned.

CoLiE-O said...

really? whateva.

Notme said...

That guy is obviously desperate to get married and can't understand why someone would not be. What a freak. Why should someone rush to get married when it's not the right person? Seriously, if he has been engaged 2 times and it didn't work out, he has some issues!