Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Disaster Averted

Remember this post?

I had misgivings about getting rid of my security verification phrase. I was sure that either
A) My computer would be attacked by icky, contageous, blood sucking viruses
B) I would be blog stalked by groups of blog-stalking sickos
C) Obscene words would suddenly show up in my comments section w/o my knowledge (I'm fine with the ones that show up there WITH my knowledge)
D) The great unknown would occur and I would seriously regret getting rid of my one barrier of safety and security between me and the big bad world.

Guess what? Nothing has changed. Except that maybe some of my blogger friends are relieved not to have to tease their brains with those crazy letter combinations written in Ophelia Italic font on acid.

You're welcome.



Mindi said...

if i had a dollar for every naughty word i said while RE-typing those letters....
well, let's just say that i could pay off my mortgage. AND throw one big giant blogapalooza party.

so, yes. thank you.

tiburon said...

I hate those freaking things. So glad you have managed to maintain the high level of security around here without them.

Christie said...

Ummm, I've gotten spam WITH word verification, so I don't think that it makes much difference either way.

Unknown said...

I know how influential you are with all the blogging sistah's...hope they will take your lead...I HATE THOSE THINGS TOO!

And, I have only had to erase two spam comments in the past 4 years...I don't know why people think that they need to torture their comment lovers....AHHHH!! It's called the delete comment button people.

Thank you thank you...I will be so much happier to oblige for you need of comments. :)

Notme said...

YAY!...lol. Now I feel bad for having them. I know they suck.

Anonymous said...

I have word verification turned on so blogs like this have a raison d'ĂȘtre.

Anonymous said...

I, on the other hand, changed that for a day, and got comment spam out the wazoo. Glad it works for someone...