Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Cute New Suit

This came in the mail today....Yeah!!!

(I'm not sure why Modbe got a boney 11 year old boy to model the swim suits in their online catalogue. Yuck. It actually looks better on someone with some curves. Good thing I have some. Ok, AND THEN SOME.)

Thanks to all of you who came to my Modbe party. I hope you love your new swim suits as much as I love mine.


Christie said...

Ok - you and I got the same one. we'll definitely have to coordinate if we ever go swimming together - especiallly since you'll look better than me.

Chelsea said...

That is so cute! I need a new bathing suit.

Mindi said...

my friend has been trying to get me to go to a party--she thinks they would fit my ginormous cleavage. i keep thinking no, but i love the styles. i might be giving in--love the colors in that one.
btw, what catalog DOESN'T employ the 11 year old boy model? sheesh

alex dumas said...

That picture would have been better with YOU in the suit. Very cute.