Monday, August 18, 2008

My love costs money

I totally forgot to do a shout out to Mindi for her awesome Brada purse. I mean Prada purse. It does say Prada on it, right? So it must be for real. Here's a link if you want to try to win this awesome purse and the accompanying iTunes gift card. Wait, why am I helping YOU win? What's wrong with me? Oh I know. I get an extra entry for putting a shout out to her blog here. But you don't. Just me. Cause I'm Mindi's favorite. She told me so at our private BFF sleepover party the other day.

I'm not sure on the actual value of that purse, but I'd say my love costs about $15.99? That's a bargain, Mindi. I'd say you should take it. Just a suggestion.


Devri said...

Crap, guess this means fairwell, cuz we a broke poly famili... Now I go cry myself to sleep.

By the ways- do you like my accent?

Mindi said...

funny you should post on me today--tomorrow there's an 'ALL arianne love fest" that will be published tomorrow. WITH PHOTOS. (hope you can sleep tonight.)

thanks for the shout out, woman!

Omgirl said...

I'm not going to sleep a wink tonight, Mindi!!! Photos? now I'm very nervous.

Mindi said...

okay, unless blogger photo upload wants to work with me, i might have lied--i keep getting an error. if i can't get the pics in tonight, it will be wednesday. hopefully you'll still camp in my front yard with binocs.

RoMo said...

Must have sucked to have this relationship die.