Friday, August 15, 2008


How many different names can you think of for this kind of truck?

(One entry per person, per day please.)


Jiles Pfamily said...

big rig

Christie said...

18 wheeler

Ummmm . . . not feeling too creative at the moment

CaraDee said...

So I read this last night in bed on my iTouch. So I will submit 2 entries. One for last night:

CaraDee said...

And one for today:
Optimus Prime

Mindi said...

i got nothing.

i did think of "big rig" but someone beat me to it.

what about "a whole mess of fun"??
(actually, looks like a nightmare.)

Mia said...


Suzie said...

wide load

my brain has never ever thought of these three words together in one process.
thanks for a first

Hildie said...

mac truck (or, if you've seen Cars, "I'm not a Mac, I'm a Peterbilt for dang's sake!")

Misty said...

Semi, Deisel, International, Truck & Trailer, Big Rig, Tractor-Trailer, Transfer Truck, 18-wheeler, Transport Truck, Artic, Juggernaut, Mack Truck, Art. Lorry, Prime Mover, Mover, Truck, Cargo Truck....HOLY CRAP - I didn't even realize how many names there are. My hubbie helped with a few of the names because he is from Canada and has traveled all over Europe. How many names does one vehicle need? :)

Chelsea said...


Erica said...

Road train ^_^ (my train loving boys loved that one!)

Kay said...

Tonka! >=D

alex dumas said...

Misty's a blasted cheater.