Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shout Out to Tib

So my friend Tib is celebrating her 500th post by doing a giveaway of her favorite things. I'm craving some peanut butter candies, so I think I'll enter. And I get a SECOND entry if I do a shout out, so here it is Tib:


Pretty exciting, huh? YOu can check out the magnificence that is Tiburon by clicking on this link...right....here...below...this word....right....here....ready? Here it is.......

Tib's blog

I'll be coming up on my 500th post right about the time most of you taping on your Depends and downing Centrum Silver like it's candy. For my giveaway, I'll be handing out 2-pack shower caps, charcoal foot in-soles, Gift Cerificates to Chuck-a-Rama, free bifocals, porcelain figurines, and Fixident and Benefiber. You can start signing up now by commenting on this post.

p.s. I'm almost done wading through my vacation laundry and will be allowed (by my guilty conscience) to upload Texas pictures tomorrow. So if you've been DYING to read about how it went in Texas, like everyone else on earth, your wait is almost over. I will put you out of your misery tomorrow.


CaraDee said...

How do you know Tib? My other friend has this same thing on her blog?

alex dumas said...

How happy I am to be familiar with the magnificence that is Tiburon.