Saturday, March 29, 2008

Back to Life, Back to Reality

I'm finally getting around to writing about my trip. Don't worry, my woe-is-me psychosis from the other day is gone. That's the nice thing about my bad days...they're few and far between, and they're very short lived. Some people like to wallow in their misery. I'm not one of them. I like to scarf my self-pity down like a decadent dessert, savoring it for a few minutes, then being done with it. I don't keep eating it day after day--it'll just make you sick.

So, the trip. We rushed through Easter morning and packed up. We hit the road about 12:30. It was a fun drive. Talking, reading to each other, feeling the weather get warmer each time we stopped for food or gas. We got to Vegas about 5:30 and checked in. Our hotel, the Signature Suites at the MGM, was absolutely beautiful. The Signature Suites is a non-smoking, non-casino hotel just behind the MGM Grand. So you're right off the strip, close to the action, but away from the noise and smoke. The Suite is like a mini condo with a kitchen, huge spa tub, lounge area and a giant king pillow-top bed. It's one of the few times I've slept in a hotel bed that was really comfy.

That night we went to eat at an Italian Restaurant at Treasure Island. I ate WAY too much and was uncomfortably full. But it was delicious. Then we wet to see Mystere, the Cirque de Soleil show (watch the trailer in that link). All I can say about that was, WOW. The first 15 minutes were actually more strange than anything else--weird costumes and some odd slapstick stuff inbetween the set changes. But then they started doing the really amazing acrobatics and it just blew my mind. We were in the 3rd row, right off the stage, so it gave us a really cool perspective. We could see the actors' faces and expressions so clearly. But a lot of the stuff was going on up above us on trapeezes, bungee swings, etc. So ideally a seat farther back probably would have been better. But it was still amazing. I don't know where they get these amazing athletes from. Actually, that's not true. I bet they get them from China and Russia after those gymnasts have kicked our butts at the Olympics. And of course there were a few skimpy costumes and some a little homo-erotica thrown in. It was Vegas after all.
This is an example of the homo-erotica. These guys were amazingly strong and did some unbelievable stunts. but they also lingered near each others butts and crotches a little too long for my taste. The little girl sitting behind us kept giggling nervously. So did Kelly.

The next day we got up and had breakfast in the little cafe in our hotel. It was super delicious. I had raspberry lemon pancakes with vanilla bean whipped cream and maple syrup. Kelly had the American breakfast, all of which was cooked divinely. And it was included in our stay! After breakfast, Kelly went golfing at Rhodes Ranch and I went to the spa for my very first pedicure. The spa was amazing. I wish I'd had $1000 and the whole day to spend there pampering myself. But the pedicure was all I could afford. It was nice. The lady who did it was a bit chatty, but she did a good job (I guess. I have nothing to compare it to.) She tried to convince me to get hot pink nail polish, and I had a hard time convincing her that hot pink wasn't really my thing. In the end, I ended up with a nice coppery color and very greasy legs from the massage oil she rubbed on me.

Kelly's golf took way longer than my massage, so I went and checked us out of the hotel, stowed our luggage with the bellman, and headed out to the pool. I spent the next couple of hours checking my email, reading, lounging by the pool, and having a delicious quiche with salad and a piece of New York style cheesecake. I can't think of a better way to spend the afternoon. It was utterly relaxing, about 80 degrees, and I did nothing to hurry or stress myself out. Plus< the cheesecake was the best I've had since I worked at Kathy's Cheesecakes my senior year of high school.

When Kelly came back from golfing, we both changed and went to dinner at a Hawaiian fusion restaurant called Roy's just off the strip. My cousin Erik took me there a few trips ago to Vegas. It is one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten at. If you're ever in Vegas, skip the buffets and go to Roy's. The food is divine and reasonably priced. Again, I stuffed my face until I thought I would explode. And then I ate a little more. Knowing you can't take it home and eat the rest tomorrow makes you feel like you have to eat it all. Not a good idea.

We stopped by to visit my cousin Erik and his wife Marianne and their kids and new baby on our way out of town. And then we headed to St.George. We got there late and pretty much collapsed in Kelly's friend's condo that we were renting. The next day we got up and snuck into the club house to work out (the guy who owns the condo hadn't paid his dues, oops.) Next we had brunch with my BFF Jeanette (who just moved to St.George) at The Cracker Barrel. Boy, those Southerners know how to do a big, greasy breakfast! Fortunately, Kelly made me stop half way through so I wouldn't eat too much again. Being on a diet has definitely shrunk my stomach. But not my eyes.

Then we golfed at The Ledges, a beautiuful golf course. It starts off pretty flat and broad and ends up with some amazing canyon views, rolling greens, and big drops off the fairway edges. I'm happy to say that I started off the first hole with a BIRDIE! I think that makes 3 birdies for me in my life. I was very stoked. I played very well on the front 9 and the guys we played with applauded every time I made a good shot. I felt like Tiger Woods with a televised audience, hehe. But then I completely fell apart on the back 9 and by the end I was in a completely foul mood. And the guys were no longer applauding. That's golf for you.

Well, the rest of the trip was eating, sleeping, and driving home. It was really excellent to spend some time alone with Kelly. It was nice to sleep as late as we wanted (which was usually not later than 8:30 thanks to waking up at the same time with the kids every day at home). And it was nice to not have any responsibilities for a few days. Everyone needs to take a vacation like this once in a while just to remember who they are and what they love about their spouse, which for me is a lot. I have him to thank for that whole trip and for making it so awesome. Thanks, Kel.


Chelsea said...

I'm glad you had such a good time! What a fun and refreshing trip. I need one of those! Your descriptions of the food you had made me hungry!

So funny (and true) about the homo-erotica in Cirque de Soleil. It's probably just the French influence. :P I think those 2 guys are actually brothers.

jennie w. said...

Quit bragging! I'm so completely jealous!!!!

CaraDee said...

Okay first, instead of just reading the title, I had to go back and read it to the tune.

Second, my bro and his wife got back from that very hotel 2 weeks ago. Sounds FANCY.

3rd, I can just picture Kelly laughing at Mystere. ha

4th, we did return the other disc to Hollywood, so if they say anything, call me.

and 5th, I thought I was your BFF?

Christie said...

That sounds like such a great trip. And how nice for it to be just the 2 of you. Your mom is so awesome to watch the kids for you. I must admit I'm a bit jealous. . . it must be so fun to have a trip with no kids.

Kristine said...

What an amazing trip!!! It makes me want to go back to Vegan now, and I don't even like Las Vegas ;)

alex dumas said...

I need a vacation. But not to Vegas.