Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Beginning of the End

So today is the beginning of the end of my life. When you turn 34, you are no longer in your early thirties. You are in your mid-thirties, no getting around it. After that is your late thirties. And then your forties, where all you can do is dread your fifties. After that, you might as well be dead. So basically, I just put one foot in the grave today. I can no longer pretend that I'm young.

On a good note, I did have a nice birthday. Mostly because today was preceeded by 3 days in Las Vegas and St.George WITHOUT the kids. I'll post a blog or six about that trip tomorrow. But for today, I'm just going to stick to the birthday stuff.

Today started on the right foot when I got to wake up when I wanted to, not when the kids woke me up. Granted, I woke up like a clock when my kids usually wake up anyway, even though they weren't there, but at least I could lay in bed for a few more minutes. Then I got to spend a few hours in the car with Big Daddy, reading and talking in peace. It was wonderful to see the kids again when I got home. I have to admit, I did miss them.

Other than that, I got few nice presents (see pictures below), Big Daddy brought home a pizza for dinner so I didn't have to cook, and we went out for dessert with the kids. I didn't actually get to blow out a candle, but Daphne sang Happy Birthday to me. Well, that's not exactly true. She sang Happy Birthday to Josh, her little friend who had a birthday party a couple of months ago. Ever since, every birthday song is sung to Josh. Oh well, close enough.

Here is what my sister got me for my birthday:
It's a necklace with two little green peas in a silver "pod" and it says "two peas in a pod."


From my husband (aside from the trip to Vegas/St.George). It's my new favorite fragrance. The container is a bit 13-year-old, but the scent is crisp and fresh.

And I decided to start a new tradition and buy myself a new pair of shoes on my birthday. Here is what I bought this year...
They're more beige in real life and not so white. Very comfy.

Well that was it. Anyway, I'm old but I got some nice loot. And I got to spend it with my wonderful hubby and wonderful kids. Life is good.


Kristine said...

I'm so glad you had a nice birthday! That is so funny Daphne sang happy birthday Josh LOL! Looks like you got some great gifts and that necklace from your sister is awesome!

Chelsea said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday. Can't wait to hear about the trip. And whatever, you are still young!

You got some great gifts! Oh my gosh, I love the soapmaker decal! Where did your sister get that?

jennie w. said...

I got that necklace and car sticker both from i'm totally into Etsy and that's where I'm getting all my presents from now on.

BTW, that perfume looks like something Kelly Matelski would buy!

CaraDee said...

Glad you had fun on your trip. Love the sticker, and LOVE the necklace. I want one/?? where'd she get it? I want to be your twin. Also, that perfume bottle is a riot.

alex dumas said...

I'm older than you are. But you wouldn't know it.