Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Math Time

2 adults + 2 children x 7 days of vacation in Texas = a freaking butt load of laundry. (I'm almost done. I spent most of the day doing laundry and am just now getting time to blog.)

2 children + 2 adults - 1 adult who took a different flight + 3 suitcases + 1 stroller + 1 car seat + 1 backpack + 1 large belt buckle + 1 tiny bottle of eye drops that had to be dug from the depths of my purse = a seriously stressful time going through airport security.

6 cousins + 2 of my kids + 1 aunt and 1 uncle + us + 1 spazy King Charles Cavalier Spaniel = a ton of people (and 1 animal) in one house, albeit a nice big house. Then add a small 8 in the upper right hand corner of the previous answer(i.e. to the power of 8). That equals the decible level at all times in that house.

2 twin beds + 1 husband and 1 wife + a baby sleeping in the room - a lock on the door = no hanky panky on vacation. :(

Hold on, this one is a story problem: Imagine there is a mini van full of 4 kids--ages 2 1/2 to 12 years old--and 3 adults traveling at a speed of 75 miles per hour heading from Austin to San Antonio Sea World. Then for the last 8 miles, the mini van is reduced to a speed of -1 miles per hour because the retarded Texas road repair administration decided to close the freeway altogether and put all those people on a frontage road so it could do approximately 2 yards of road construction. If the last 8 mile leg of the trip takes 1 1/2 hours to complete, how many of the people in the car will have started screaming or swearing by the time they reach Sea World? (If you answered 7, you are correct).

2 womeon on Weight Watchers x all the math problems listed above + a bag of Peanut Butter M&M's and a batch of homemade sugar cookies and a trip to the most amazing bakery you've ever seen + way too many Mountain Dews - 1 trip to the gym and a couple of walks with the dog = a lot more (delicious) consumption of calories than intended.

2 toddlers who are best friend cousins who moved away from each other 4 months ago x 7 days together = so many cute pictures and happy moments for their mommies to watch.

Story problem: 2 adults + 2 children, 1 of whom has a reserved seat and 1 of whom is a lap child, board a plane. The plane has rows of 4 seats, two seats on either side of the aisle. On row 16, 3 of the seats are occupied by the family in question, 1 of them is occupied by a random guy. If the adult with the child on her lap arranges with the random guy sitting next to her for him to move up to a vacant seat a few rows up so her baby can sit in his own seat and not drive her crazy squirming for 3 hours, how many of the 2 adults and 2 children will get to sit in their own seat during the flght? (If you answered 4, you are wrong. Because just before the flight takes off, two fat people sitting in the row in front of the adult and ticketed child complain to the stewardess about how they can't fit next to each other and the stewardess gives the empty seat next to the lap child away to the fat man. So the answer is 3. Boy, you better go back to math class.)

And finally, one more story problem: The Thompsons spent 7 days in Texas. On the first day, the temperature was 65 degrees and sunny. On the second day the temperature was 83 degrees and sunny. On the third day, the temperature was 70 degees and sunny. On the fourth day, the temperature was 55 degrees and overcast. On the 5th day the temperature was 35 degrees with freezing rain. On the 6th day, the temperature was 45 degrees and cloudy. On the 7th day, the temperature was 55 degrees and partly sunny. What was the average temperature in Austin? (If you answered "A hell of a lot warmer than in Utah" you are correct.)

So to sum up this math lesson, Texas had erratic weather, most of which was way better than what we left in Utah, both the flight down and the flight back were hectic with 2 little kids and all our crap. But the kids were actually really well behaved on both flights. I ate a lot of food I shouldn't have on my trip, but I exercised a little bit at least. There were a ton of people in that house, but the kids had an absolute blast and it was so awesome to see my sister and brother in law again. Kelly only got to play 18 holes, which pretty much counts as a wasted vacation for him. But for me it was nice just having him around. And I look forward to going to visit Texas again when the weather is nicer and when I can afford a nanny to sit in coach with my kids while eat filet mignon in first class.


Koreena said...

What a cute way to post about your vacation! :) I love the picture of you guys at Sea World. Daphne looks like she's afraid the whale might come after her. LOL

Kati Atwood said...

I really can't believe you took your kids on a plane all by yourself. Consider yourself Wonder Woman.

CaraDee said...

Funny. Glad you made it back in one piece. Now where is my invite?

Tiburon said...

Ok all those numbers made my head hurt. Sounds like it was fun and crazy all rolled into one! Glad you are back :)

Kristine said...

Wow! That was awesome! Great post!

Christie said...

LOL - I had to read it twice to understand it all. Sounds like a really fun trip though. I cannot believe it was that cold either. Weird.

alex dumas said...

I don't like math but that was kind of fun.