Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nectar of the Gods

In order of preference:

1) Fountain, lots of ice
2) Mini plastic bottles
3) Glass bottles
4) Cans
5) I.V. directly into my veins

Every single one of them is like sweet ambrosia, mana from heaven, pure perfection.

What's your Nectar of the Gods?


Mindi said...

if the post name is "nectar of the gods" then you really need to change that picture to diet dr. pepper.

luffff it. can't live without it.
have a really unhealthy relationship with it.

like it best from the fountain like you--
will never give it up, no matter how many frackin' relief society lessons tell me to!!

kami @ said...

Diet Pepsi - from the fountain, Extra pellet Ice, open face bevy style (no straw or lid)

sarah marie. said...

i'm a pepsi girl although my man hates that i drink any soda at all.

Christie said...

My two favs (I can't decide which is better) are Diet Dr Pepper (yay Mindi) and Diet Cherry Coke Zero. Mmmmm. Now I want one.

And I prefer it from the plastic bottle. Fountains can't always be trusted.

CaraDee said...

I am a Dr. Pepper girl. SOmetimes Pibb Extra (that stuff is SWeeT)

So Brandon found out why it takes better at McDonald's. They keep it at the suggested temperature, not warm syrup, it's cooled so that it doesn't start out warm and melt the ice and change the flavor. McDonald's is Coke's favorite as for making Coke the way it's supposed to taste.

Fascinating huh> (yawn)

Notme said...

I agree. Can't live without the stuff. Fountain is the best. IV preferable..heheh

Chelsea said...

I'm with Christie on this one - Cherry Coke Zero. Or Vanilla. YUM.

Hildie said...

Mountain Dew (duuuuuh!)

Can-almost freezing cold. No ice!

Distant second-bottle

Don't want it from a fountain. IV sounds pretty good especially first thing in the AM.

Unless the prophet says the words "Mountain Dew" over the pulpit at general conference than I'll keep drinking it.

Mia said...

Diet Coke from the fountain or Diet Dr Pepper with vanilla from Sonic! Ummm yum! Cans are ok but I can't stand if from a plastic bottle, gets to fizzy. Does your sister really drink Mt Dew? I though only boys drank that ;)

Omgirl said...

Oh my gosh, Mia. You have no idea. I know few people with as major of pop addictions as my sister. She drinks several Dews a day!

alex dumas said...

Could ice cream be considered nectar? I'd take a shake over soda pop anyday.