Thursday, May 29, 2008

In Recovery

Well, my laptop survived surgery. Now it is in the ICU recuperating. Everything has to be slowly reinstalled. Most importantly, my internet driver. Without that, it's like hauling around a 5 lb calculator.

I need to reinstall:

Microsoft Office,
Photoshop Elements,
my printer driver
my camera software
Instant Messenger
Photmax camera uplaoder software
All the drivers and things needed to run everything I view on the web
A billion other things that I will only realize one at a time when I suddenly don't have them anymore.

It's going to be a long recovery. But I have a great doctor (Big Daddy did most of the work. He has handed over the laptop to the tech nerds at work for the fine tuning though). I even got some more RAM put in. Hopefully this will help. If not, it's a-laptop-shopping I will go.

In the meantime, I'm on my 94 year old desktop computer. It's not really 94 years old, but it is 5 years old. And in computer years, that equals 94. It's capable, but not fast. And I don't have any of my photos or other fun gadgets on here. So please bear with me a few days more. When it doesn't take me 6 hours to load each web page, I will catch up on all your blogs and leave glowing comments for all of you. Provided you leave ample sympathy for my computer while it is sick, of course. In fact, it would be nice if meals were brought in.


CaraDee said...

Now you can finally understand a little of my plight. Every couple of weeks, when I'm getting used to the crap I've been dealt, he'll give me another computer. He just tried to pull another fast one by setting me up with the original replacement, but now with internet... Yay, I think, till I realize it's running an old version of explorer, with no tabs. And OLD messenger. OLD

Mindi said...

isn't it pathetic how much we have invested (emotionally) in these computers? and how we feel like a body part is missing when something goes wrong??
at least you have peeps who know how to deal with it. not so lucky on this end.

Kelli said...

tech nerds??? I think that means my husband. :)

Omgirl said...

Um, ya. Your husband is exactly the tech nerd I was talking about. And he got my internet working. Yay Kenny!

tiburon said...

1. Sorry about the computer. We just had to do the same thing with our desktop and it sucked ass!

2. Nice thinks I have seen it somewhere before...

Omgirl said...

Have you used that pic? I had to go through like 8 pages on google images to find a good one! Great minds think alike.