Monday, May 26, 2008

Cara Had a Little Lamb

His fleece was white as...dirty snow.

My friend Cara somehow borrowed two lambs the other day. I'm still not entirely clear on the how and why. What I do know is that I brought my kids over to see them and they were so cute and adorable. My kids were fascinated. Even Beck. Daphne had a hard time with the slow and quiet approach, so she mostly ended up terrifying them instead of getting to pet them. But when Cara pulled out the bottle of milk for them, they came running over. Daphne got to help feed them and Beck finally got close enough to touch them. Aside from the fact that it was late May and butt-freezing cold out, it was super fun. Good thing we didn't know then about the ticks. This story might have ended with me running away from the sheep instead of them running away from Daphne.

Thanks, Cara!



Chelsea said...

Lambs + your kids = cute cute cute!

Mindi said...

time to purchase some farm animals.

just saying.