Monday, June 22, 2009

The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Are you as blank when it comes to blog topics as I am? Then maybe you'll give in and do a quick-and-painless blog tag. Seven simple questions. All food related. couldn't be easier. You're it.

Food Network's got a series of specials. Their chefs describe the best thing they ever ate. What about you? What's the best thing you ever ate? Here are some of the Food Network categories.

1. Best thing ever
2. Best thing totally fried
3. Best BBQ
4. Best thing with bacon
5. Best sugar rush
6. Best pizza
7. Your obsession

My answers:
1. Best thing ever: The braised beef shortrib on polenta with fresh horseradish sauce. From Pizzeria 712. If they ever stop serving it, I will immediately lose all desire to live and throw myself in front of a train.
2. Best thing totally fried: Scones. Nothing beats my mom's fresh scones rolled in cinnamon, dripping with honey, smothered in jam. MMMMMmmmmm....
3. Best BBQ: I think the best BBQ I've ever had is probably the ribs at Texas Roadhouse. MELT IN YOUR MOUTH.
4. Best thing with bacon: I have to go with the roasted squash and bacon pizza from Pizzeria 712. DIVINE. Also, GONE. Dagnabbit.
5. Best sugar rush: Best sugar rush for sure is the Paradise Pie at Chilis. I hate Chilis. And that pie has 1500 calories. But seriously, to die for.
6. Best pizza: See number 4. But I also, strangely, truly appreciate a meat lovers pan-crust pizza from Pizza Hut. Sad, I know.
7. My Obsession: I think it's pretty safe to say, since 3 of my answers are from Pizzeria 712, that it must be my obsession. Well, that and baked goods, of course. NY style cheesecake goes without saying.


Kristina P. said...

I love this show. I wish they had done it earlier!

L. said...

What a fun blog to answer. Too bad it's midnight, and I have to get up in the morning.

Glad you prize my scones! Are you sure they beat Nhi Thi's Vietnamese Shrimp eggrolls? That's my favorite thing totally fried, and almost my favorite thing in the world.

Also, but not at length and not in order: Jennie's Pecan Honeypots, Jennie's raspberry-fudge-whip cream cake, Jennie's cream-cheese brownies, Burgundy Chocolate for dipping -- eaten melted with a spoon, Nutella, eaten from a spoon, Baklava made with...(Senior Moment - those green and pink died nuts)(getting a little heavy on the sweets, aren't I?) So: really well done, bubbly-crust Wienner-schnitzel, soup and sandwiches at (another Senior Moment: that restaurant with 4 letters down on 12300 So.) Pesto from Paradise bakery scooped up with their sourdough bread.

Man, am I getting hungry! No brains, big stomach - better go to bed!

jennie w. said...

We're going to go to that restaurant while we're there, right? Sounds like we'll need a couple of trips to get everything in.

Mindi said...

hey! still reading. still loving you--and i have to say, that horse cake for daphne's birthday? freaking GENIUS!!!!! love it.

and happy anniversh late--

and i'm totally doing the food tag.


rychelle said...

i'm not sure what would be on my list, but i am sure i need to get myself to pizzeria 712!

Melissa said...

I don't think I can do the food tag, I have too many favorites!!!
Fun to see yours though

Tiffany said...

Clearly, I must try this 712 place. And soon.

P.S. I had a fried Oreo once. It was beautiful.

Michemily said...

Holy cow, reading your "About Me" was a little eery as so much of it sounded like something I might write about myself. I'll be following your blog from now on. :D

MiaKatia said...

I am a little concerned that your favorite ribs are from Texas Road house. Next time you visit Jennie you need to go to 1)Rudy's (the bb-q place in the gas station) and 2)Salt Lick (yes way out in timbucktoo aka Driftwood) you will thank me :)

Holly said... I'm gonna dream about shortribs again.. thanks!

Oh, if you like BBQ, must try Pat's. It was featured on the Food Network.

Anonymous said...

I'd have a hard time narrowing it all down to the number one thing I've eaten, but it sounds like I've got to try this pizzeria.