Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Tooboringforus Period

Did you know that elephants' prehistoric ancestors started out small, like pigs?

Did you know that a brontosaurus's tail is as long as a schoolbus?

Did you know that Velociraptors were only the size of a turkey, not huge like in the movie Jurassic Park?

Neither did my kids. And they still don't. Today we took them to the Dinosaur Museum and found out that they are way too young for that place. Daphne didn't want to play in the erosion pond. And Beck hated getting sand on his hands in the dinosaur bone dig. Ironic since the first thing both of them do when they get outside in my yard is dig up my flowers and throw dirt all over themselves. But at least I know I don't need to pay $16 for us to go watch them be bored. We can stay home and do it for free!

I also find it interesting to note that they wouldn't let me take my bottle of water into the museum. Worried that I might accientally kill off the dinosaurs?

I guess we'll try that place again in a few years.

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Christie said...

Thats too bad. I actually have a free family pass that I was going to try with my kids. Maybe I should wait awhile though.