Monday, April 7, 2008

Three Word Answers

Got tagged on Tib's blog and I've got time to kill...

What I am doing: Multi-tasking TV computer
What I’m proud of today: Taking a shower
What I’m thinking about: Drinking a Coke
Who is home: Me, Kelly, Kids
Plans tonight: Lots of sleep
My weekend was: brief wellness respite
What’s for dinner: Kentucky Fried Chicken
Feelings about love: Makes everything better
Feelings about life: An Amazing ride
What I need: Time to recooperate
What I want: To get better
What I have: In flew Enza
My pet peeve: apostraphizing plural nouns
My guilty pleasure: Brittney Spears Music
What you don’t know about me: I fear oceans
What I can hear: Daphne still awake
What I can smell: Nothing-- stuffy nose
My style: Eclectic, unique, youthful
My hairdo: wavy or straight
My outfit: Currently wearing jammies
My mood: Drug induced mellowness
The weather today: freaking snowy cold
Thoughts on parenting: Today affects tomorrow
Thoughts on marriage: better than dating!
Thoughts on politics: don't know enough
Thoughts on celebrity gossip: Couldn't care less
Thoughts on beauty: It's very subjective
Thoughts on sleep: Not morning person
Thoughts on writing: I love it
My favorite appliance: Dishwasher, microwave, washer
My favorite car: old VW Passat
My favorite splurge: getting legs lasered
My favorite beauty secret: Chi hair straightener
My favorite treat: warm baked goods
My favorite everyday pleasure: My online friends
Ten years ago: STILL in college
Five years ago: Preparing for Europe
One year ago: Loving new baby
One year from now: Maybe considering baby
Five years from now: Done having babies
Ten years from now: older than crap
I’m famous for: Traveling the world
I’ll never be famous for: My math skills
Who I am: Optimistic, loving, fun
Who I hope to be: stronger, richer, patient-er
What I’m thankful for: medicine, showers, pillows


Tiburon said...

me thinks there were a couple made up words in here...

Thanks for playing!! :)

CaraDee said...

ha ha, "older than crap" ha ha

Christie said...

I love your pet peeve! That is totally mine too.

Chelsea said...

In flew Enza! :D Love it. Sucks that you have it though. :(

alex dumas said...

I missed this tag too.
Apostraphizing and patient-er = Nice.
Brittney Spears? Really?
I think these little games might only be fun for the one playing.