Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kiss Off

A few years ago I discovered the most fantastic lipstick. It's called CoverGirl Outlast. (Max Factor also makes it, called Lipfinity.) For years I had been trying to find a more long-lasting lipstick solution. None of them stayed on like you hoped they would, even the so-called long-lasting ones. They came off nearly as fast as standard lipsticks. I was so disgusted with lipsticks that I just about quit wearing them. So it was with skepticism that I tried the Outlast after a glowing endorcement by Brandi of all people. But much to my surprise, CoverGirl Outlast actually worked! It stayed on all day long. I have been a huge fan ever since. It does take a little getting used to the first few times you use Outlast; It's two parts--the lip color and the gloss. When you first put the color on with the little stick applicator, it feels like paint drying on your lips. Your lips get tight and dry, and you start thinking, "What have I gotten myself into?" But then you put on the gloss, and it becomes soft, supple, and moist again. And it doesn't come off when you kiss, eat, drink, or touch it. It's amazing! (The only thing I have found that lessens its staying power at all is eating greasy food.) You can get it in just about any color**. Some are slightly sparkley, some not. And they just redesigned it so that the gloss is strawberry flavored. Covergirl also has a line called Smoothwear, which is the same thing but is supposed to be more moisturizing? I can't for the life of me tell the difference. It's just more colors to choose from as far as I'm concerned. Only it doesn't come with the strawberry lipgloss, just plain.

One more thing you MUST know about this lipstick: Since it doesn't come off on your clothes or husband, it doesn't come off with soap and water either. You have to buy the CG lipstick remover. But it's definitely worth the $3 remover to have all day long lipstick that looks perfect for at least 8 hours, sometimes up to 15 hours depending on the color.

I know not all of you wear lipstick. A lot of women sort of go with the au naturale look these days, I think. But I will always be a fan. My lips are nearly invisible without lipstickso this is the one make-up item I NEVER leave home without. Even if I'm just going to the gym. I look WORLDS better with lipstick. And because I suspect that at least one person who will read this post has stopped wearing lipstick because they hate having to reapply it, because they hate how it comes off on their man, their clothes, their napkin, etc., and because they just can't trust how their lipstick will look in a couple of hours. Well, I am letting you all know...IT'S TIME TO GO BACK TO LIPSTICK!!! Your days of looking like a super-model (or at least your lips) have returned! You're welcome.

**The color chart on the CG website is NOT accurate. Check the store display for the most accurate color. Also, the color on the box isn't accurate. Either look at the lipstick itself, of the color swatch below the lipstick on the shelf.


Christie said...

Thanks for the glowing endorcement. I am a non-lipstick wearer. I have never liked any that I have tried. I don't even like chapstick. But maybe I need to give it another chance.

jennie w. said...

If you ever don't think I love just remember I gave you my second to last Cafe Laste (our favorite CG shade that has been discontiued).

CaraDee said...

So nice commercial there. I would like to try this now. I thought they were still like that other stuff from about 5 years ago...the same dry crap bottom layer, but they had the super wierd, couldn't smile, tight wierd, nail polish-like top coat. It was freaky. But if this is really like a normal gloss, then I'm all for it. I'm the same as you, no lipstick looks PLAIN on me. I always look at pictures and wish I could have reapplied beforehand. I shall buy this lipstick you speak of. What colors are you wearing these days? I like berries.

Omgirl said...

Cara, I recommend Natural Blush. It's a very natural pink shade, just slightly lighter than your tongue. If you like something more purpley, Naturalast is good. More orangey, Canyon is a beautiful terra cotta color. Adobe Sand was also a nice natural pink, but too light for me. I just picked up Brazen Raisen today--hopefully a slightly darker, browner shade. I'll let you know what I think.

alex dumas said...

Brazen Raisen is such an awesome name.

And, being a non-user, I'm curious to know why you would ever need to take it off. ("Since it doesn't come off on your clothes or husband, it doesn't come off with soap and water either. You have to buy the CG lipstick remover.")

Unless you wanted to change colors, I guess.