Friday, April 25, 2008

Insert Blog Here

Is there such a thing as a place holder blog entry? Cause, like, I have all these things to say but I have no time to say them! I feel bad after all the sensationalism of Mindiness, Blesbians, and Omgirl worship that my blog has crickets chirping when you click on it now. But I am freaking swamped. However, here are the items I will probably blog about eventually, in case you haven't already deleted my blog from your "must check" list...

1) My soap boutique debut
2) An awesome friend (aren't you all in suspense to find out if it is you?)
3) Hooter Hiders
4) Time Shares
5) Sushi
6) Biggest Loser 3 Finale (ours, not the TV one)

Maybe some other stuff. But if I don't throw away this diaper that is sitting next to me, I'll barf. And then I have to wash the laundry because Miss Pee-Pee is out of Dora panties. Beck threw most of his eggs on the floor this morning while I was trying to do weigh-ins and pictures, and they're now calcifying into stalacmites on the floor. And I have two parties to do this weekend (my home business. Not soap, one of the other 10), so if I don't prep for those now while the kids are sleeping, I'm screwed. So just hang tight. And here is some eye-candy to tide you over until I have time again...which will be July from the looks of it.

My gosh that man is beautiful. I resisted the Clooney bandwagon for about 10 years. But I finally gave in after Oh Brother Where Art Thou and Intolerable Cruelty. I cheated myself out of 10 years of Clooney worship because I have to do my own thing. Don't you hate it when you shoot yourself in your own foot?

Ok, I can smell smoke. I better get off this blog.


Mindi said...

been a clooney fan since he was on er--beautiful, that one.
i do the same thing as your list, but i hurry and go into my posts and just type in a title and go back when i can--i am a freak, though, as i have probably 20 things just sitting there in drafts that are finished, waiting to go on. but i already post waaaaaaaaayyy too many a day for normal people.
plus i don't have 10 other businessess. not even 1.
tonight i am gonna check out all your old posts. creepy, much? :)

jennie w. said...

You denied yourself Clooney. When are you going to stop denying Twilight?

Mia said...

Stop denying yourself Twilight!!! I am sure you will not regret it just like you have never regretted the George Clooney bandwagon ;) I do the same as Mindi, sort of. I have a notebook that sits next to my desk where I write down post ideas and little things I want to write about. I have sat on an idea for a month waiting for to make sense enough to post!

CaraDee said...

I have never been a clooney fan. Not bad, just not my type. And my moviestar boyfriends change all the time. But I do have them....Lots. You know my new french one....

And yes, I want more posts in that list.

Tiburon said...


alex dumas said...

So, did you read it?