Thursday, August 4, 2011

South Beach Diet, Day 3

So my stomach flu continued all day yesterday. I had been up all night with Beck, who was puking. Pippa slept through the night, but she puked a lot during the next day. So between my runs and those two kids' issues, it was a long hard night and an exhausting day. And my appetite never returned, so I ate very little. My calorie counter put me at about 850 calories.

Breakfast: 1/2 cup Carnation Instant Breakfast, 3/4 cup low fat cottage cheese. (When I woke up and got hit with a huge wave of nausea, I had to put something in my stomach immediately that would calm it so I wouldn't barf. So even though this was a cheat, it was a lifesaver for my nausea.)

Lunch: Turkey burger patty with provolone cheese and 1 TBS guacamole

Dinner: 1 1/2 cups bean with bacon soup.

Late night snack: two handfuls of pistachios

How it Went: Surprisingly easy! LOL. Nothing like an upset tummy to squelch your cravings. I didn't even want any faux dessert.

Result: 0 weight loss. Yeah, that was a disappointment because, after eating so little, I'd expected a couple more lbs loss. But maybe I ate so little that my body went into starvation mode. Or who knows. But after the 2.4 lb loss the day before, I'm still down 3 1/2 lbs for 3 days of dieting, which is super awesome.

So far, overall, this diet isn't that hard. It's not that hard leaving off the carbs at mealtimes. I don't really crave the rice or pasta I usually eat with dinner. It would be nice to have it, but it isn't killing me to go without it. Breakfast, on the other hand, is hard. I don't really like eggs. I have to choke them down. So right now, with my stomach still being off, there's no way I can attempt eggs. And low fat cottage cheese just isn't that filling or delectable. So I'd kill for a bowl of oatmeal or a piece of toast right now.

Also, there is a general lack of fullness you feel when you're not eating ANY carbs. Even when I had that delicious piece of salmon with veggies, and the taste and amount were totally good, there's a feeling of satisfaction you get in your stomach from carbs that just doesn't come from protein or veggies. You always feel just a little bit hollow, even when you're full. I'd love to have just a half a slice of whole grain toast with each meal. I guess once I get through this 2 week cleanse, that's precisely what I'll be doing. And it will feel GREAT.


Financial Aid for College said...

Hooray for you!! Sorry you have all been sick. Hmmmmm -- your success makes me think maybe I should try this. On Weight-Watchers, at only 23 points a day (way low!) I'm only losing about 2 lbs per month. But after 6 years, I'm down 15 lbs! (Yes, I cheat on vacations big-time!)

I also agree that those carbs add a lot of satiety value!

Bjorge Queen said...

On Points Plus, the lowest daily allowance should be 29. Are you doing old WW?
The new one is a lot more like South Beach except that you get unlimited fruit which is very un-like South Beach.

Financial Aid for College said...

Please forward a note to Bjorge Queen (whose blog and address are in hiding on that outerspace cube of hers) and tell her L. has NO METABOLISM, and gets FAT on 26 points on the new program. It's true! I don't care WHAT they say. I've gradually diminished from the original 29 points (on which I gained weight fast) down to my current 22.