Friday, August 5, 2011

A Hammer and a Nail

Make that a blow dryer and a nail. Last night I went to a party that featured Jamberry Nails, a new company that sells self-manicures, so to speak. They make absolutely adorable patterned (and even plain) nail covers that are somewhere between vinyl lettering and shrink wrapping your nails. They last a long time and look oh, so cute! Check it out...

I was sold just on the fact that they don't chip. I only paint my finger nails about twice a year because I HATE how the very next day they are chipped. It's just not worth all the effort. But these stay shiny and look fantastic for quite a while, I'm told. I've only had mine on for a day, but after having done the dishes, washed the kitchen counters, and cooked breakfast (requiring me to wash my hands several times), they are still on, still looking perfect. Woo hoo!

It starts with a page like this:

You cut them down to the right size, hold them to a blow dryer for a few seconds, apply, and smooth down. The ultra clingy adhesive sticks down really well. And yet it peels off easily, without damaging your nail, when you're done with them. After having done glitter nails, which looked awesome but ruined my toe nails when I tried to take them off, I'm all for this.

Just thought I'd pass it on!

(And no, they didn't pay me to say this. But they probably should!)


Financial Aid for College said...

Ohmygosh! I saw these at the store today and wondered what they were! They used to have things like this in standard polish colors in my youth, and I cried when they went out of business. But these are so much more imaginative.

Fortunately, though, I have your sister Gelish my nails every week or 10 days, and they look more gorgeous than ever in my life. But if I ever move away, I'll look for these stickers!

Sara said...

I bought something similar at the grocery store, and they lasted over a month, including a week in Powell. I had to peel them off. I loved them and can't wait to get some more!