Sunday, August 7, 2011

South Beach Days 5 and 6

Yep, pissed was a good word for it. When I weighed myself on day 5 (yesterday) I had GAINED A POUND. What the? I'm not sure why. I kept to the diet pretty well the day before. I had one small cheat where I ate 1 of bid daddy's coconut shrimp when we went out to dinner. Shrimp is allowed, but coconut is not allowed. And there was probably approximately 1/2 tsp of flour attached to the coconut breading, also not allowed. But other than that, I did really well. Even going out to dinner, I ate very well. Salad, no croutons. (But there were carrots. Hmmm.) Vegetables for my side dish. And Halibut Oscar for my entree. I even drank a, gasp, DIET Coke. So I don't know. Maybe water weight being recouped from my stomach bug? Who knows. But I was not happy about it. I decided, however, to stick with the diet, even after 3 days of no weight loss. And I'm happy to report that today, Day 6, I'm back down that 1 lb I gained yesterday, and within .4 lbs of my lowest weight on this diet. So it's not all bad. Still, after nearly a week, I'd hoped to be down more than 3 lbs. I guess I still have today.

And I have to tell you, I am AMAZED at the change in my body. Not how I look, but how I feel. I have pretty much stopped being hungry! I am eating far less calories a day than I have for the last year (around 1200-1400 a day) and I am NOT HUNGRY. Last night, for example, we went to a family reunion. We were all asked to bring our favorite hors de oeuvres. Knowing I probably wouldn't be able to eat anything there but maybe a burger patty, I made deviled eggs, which I can eat. Then right as we got there, Pippa had a blow out. By the time I got her changed into new clothes and a fresh diaper, nearly all the food was gone. And there were no burger patties there at all. It was ONLY hors de oeuvres. So all I got was a scoop of spinach salad, some of that cream cheese covered with shrimp and some red sauce (no crackers), a couple of Swedish meat balls, and some bean dip. Not even a single deviled egg! It was about half a plate of food. And yet, I wasn't hungry for the rest of the night. It's amazing how little I think of food now. I don't get cravings for desserts, and I can subsist very comfortably on way less calories than I should. So that's one thing I can say for this diet--getting my body off the carb cravings has been very eye opening to how powerful they can be and how much they cyclically make you hungry for more.

So the results for today? Down 1 lb, down 3.2 overall.

And I feel very encouraged about continuing this diet. Especially since those spinach pie muffins turned out DELICIOUS and I've been eating them every day for breakfast, hallelujah no more eggs.


Financial Aid for College said...

I love that spinach muffin recipe -- think I'll make some for my Weight Watcher diet. They will be low points, even if they have cheese. How long do you bake them as muffins?

Bjorge Queen said...

I got the second to last deviled egg. It was delicious. The only reason I didn't take them both was because there were so many Mormons there, I knew God would be watching.
Everything except for the desserts ran out pretty quickly at that one. I was feeling for you.
That reminds me that I have to go upstairs now and polish off that last bit of my leftover shrimp/cream cheese dip.
Shrimp: Good.
Cream Cheese: Not so much.

Bjorge Queen said...

Those muffins look good, but you lost me at "crustless".

Omgirl said...

Shrimp dip. Thank you, Amy, for bringing that. It was delicious, even w/o crackers. I'm glad you got a deviled egg. Big Daddy made fun of me for only making 20.."Of course you didn't get any." But that's all that would fit in my deviled egg holder!

Lorie, I think I cooked the spinach pie muffins about 35-40 minutes. I had to guess because the pie recipe said 45-55 minutes, but I figured it would take less for muffins. I took them out when they "seemed cooked." Hope that helps!