Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Storm of the Century

For those of you out of state, or those of you who didn't happen to watch the news last night, Utah battened down yesterday evening for the worst blizzard to hit the state in at least a decade. Some were predicting the worst winter storm in a century.

Schools closed early.

Universities called off evening classes.

Concerts were cancelled.

Hospitals postponed surgeries for another day.

Holiday travel plans were forfeited in lieu of staying safe.

There was a rush on emergency supplies like flashlights, batteries, and thermal blankets.

Grocery stores were flooded with people doing their Thanksgiving meal shopping a day early because, as the weather reports foretold, there would be so much snow on Wednesday that you would not be able to get to a store.

By 4pm yesterday evening, nearly the whole state, from top to bottom, had shut down and people could talk about nothing else.

So, for the enjoyment of all of those of you not able to look out your window and see it for yourself, I give you...









Wait a minute. Let's try a close up to see if we can see that snow better.

Hmm.....maybe let's try the back yard instead.! I see some! There on the wicker sofa!

Boy, I sure am glad all those weather guys went to meteorology school for all those years. But, hey, it is 13 degrees out, so maybe we should give them some credit?


They're all fired. I hope.


Kristina P. said...

Haha. Well, we did get more up north. I don't know how I will ever dig my car out of that two inches of snow!!!

Jillybean said...

We got about an inch or so on the driveway.
We had WAY more snow on Saturday night.

Tiffany said...

Maybe it's that treacherous, apocalyptic INVISIBLE snow?

Sarah said...

We got about two inches in Layton, but it did blow around like a blizzard for quite a while, and it was REALLY cold.

Chillygator said...

I'm in Sandy and we had maybe an inch, but certainly not as much as we got last Saturday. I told everyone they were being dramatic and it was just going to blow over and was accused of not taking things seriously. I'll admit I felt very smug this morning asking my friends if they survived the blizzard okay (o:

Nicki said...

That was us in Oregon yesterday! All the schools shut down and Ben HAD to stay at home because there was some ice on the ground.

Anonymous said...

We got about 4-5 inches, but yeah, overreaction.

Michelle Glauser said...

Check your email to see the picture of my parents' front yard. (Like I said in the email, everyone keeps saying it was pretty normal Utah winter weather.)

Teachinfourth said...

I was thinking that I was lucky enough to get away before the storm hit…

It'll probably be waiting for me when I get back.

Mrs. O said...

We did lose power for a few hours that night, but got abosolutely NO snow. I am completely okay with that.

CaraDee said...

We drove home from Sacramento on Sunday. The Sierras were fine, there was snow around, but not on the roads. Right before Tooele, it was packed on the highway. We had to go so slow. The freeways in Salt Lake were packed with snow, the off-ramp from 80 to i-15 wasn't even plowed at all. It was terrible. But not the worst storm ever.

Omgirl said...

Well, yes, Cara, but the storm this post refers to was to take place on Wednesday night. Then, of course, we woke up on Sunday with 6 inches of new snow that no one even mentioned were coming. Typical!