Monday, November 15, 2010

McPhee Madness, Part 3

While scanning through saved drafts of posts I never published, I ran across this one: the final installation of McPhee Madness. McPhee Madness took place over a year ago when I came across a catalogue for McPhee gifts and novelties. With a slogan like "Slightly Less Disappointing Than Other Companies," I had to go to their website to see what they were all about. And what I found was...interesting, bizarre, gross, hilarious, and sometimes even disturbing. But mostly clever and hilarious. So here, only belated by 23 months, is the final installment of McPhee Madness, sharing some favorites from the McPhee catalogue.

1) I always thought toast was a boring breakfast item. Now I know I'm not alone.

2)Too chicken to get your own tattoos? Then tattoo your young daughters! And wear a shirt to brag about it.

3) There's a special class of nerdiness reserved for people who like to mix Greek history with fantasy play. You know--you sat next to him in homeroom. And here is the perfect present for that kid. Plus, it's been updated to the 21st Century with a black leather pants-suit for Medusa. Groovy.

4) Just tell me why-oh-why someone would want to wear this shirt!

5) Tired of all the squirrel johnsons hanging around your yard? No problem.

6) Um, this is just horrible and wrong! (And I know my son would absolutely LOVE it!)

7) Sacrilege or Sensational? It does have wheels in the feet for smooth gliding action and a list of biblical quotes on the back.

8) In case that Jesus Action Figure wasn't cool enough, they do make a deluxe version. And I had to quote their description: "There is no action figure more deserving of a deluxe edition than the Son of God. This 5-1/4'' tall, hard vinyl figure comes with eight amazing plastic accessories: five loaves of bread, two fish and a jug for turning water into wine (not guaranteed to work for real). Also features 'glow-in-the-dark miracle hands!'" Unfortunately, this version does pose a choking hazard, so not for disciples under 3.

9) Probably the weirdest and most disturbing item in the whole catalogue, is the baby(?) on the cover of their memoir book. I'm having nightmares already, and I'm still awake!

Well, that about does it. Feel free to go back and re-read my other McPhee Madness posts for more hilarity. Or just head on over to the McPhee website to start your Christmas shopping early. I guarantee they have something for that difficult-to-shop-for someone who has everything.


Kristina P. said...

Some of these are so funny! I shouldn't be laughing at the Jesus ones, but I totally am.

Bjorge Queen said...

I think that our lord and savior appreciates a good joke. I think he would want us to all have a good chuckle now and then. Just a theory.

If you haven't been to Cabin Fever in Trolley Square, I highly recommend it. This is the kind of stuff they sell there. Always something thought provoking.

Mrs. O said...

Glow in the Dark Miracle Hands - how is this missing from my life?

just call me jo said...

Well, now I'm freaked out by the thought of little squirrel johnsons. So disturbing on so many levels. Who thinks up some of those quirky things?

Sara said...

Now I know where to start my Christmas shopping :)

Anonymous said...

I would TOTALLY wear that tapeworm shirt. You can buy it for me if you want.

Teachinfourth said...

Looks likt the type of stuff they have in those Sky Mall magazines on planes. I found a toaster that burns an image of Darth Vader on your toast…

How can you beat that?