Monday, November 1, 2010

Plundering Egypt

This was a fun Halloween. It's the first time that both kids "got it" and were looking forward to it for days ahead of time. It made it so much more exciting for us to have them excited. Daphne was especially excited about the prospect of dressing up as someone who died by self-inflicted cobra bite. (I'm not joking. She really thought that part was cool.) By Halloween day, the kids were counting down the hours until they could get their costumes on.

Since I only put the Halloween decorations up 3 days before, you can rightly guess that I never got around to carving the pumpkins. So just before we went out to get candy, I took a moment to carve one of the pumpkins. I felt like it would be some kind of holiday disgrace to not have a lit jack-o-lanturn on the porch. Like Christmas with no star on the tree. Like Easter with no Easter egg hunt. Like Thanksgiving with no giant nap! Anyway, while I was carving the one pumpkin, the kids took a moment to stab the other pumpkin to death. I think that was their favorite part of the day.

About the time we were mutilating pumpkins, it started pouring rain. It dumped for several hours leading up to Trick or Treating time. It was still sprinkling a bit as we headed out, though it cleared up after our first two houses. But the ground was still wet and puddley, so after a few houses, we had to come back and change Daphne's golden sandals into brown leather Mary Janes. Not very Egyptian. But very dry and warm.

The kids took the first shift of trick or treating with me while Big Daddy handed out candy. We hit the three culda sacs on our street, then down one side and up the other of the street our street comes off of. It actually wasn't as many houses as you'd think because about half the street was dark and not handing out candy (LOSERS! What's up with that??). Then we switched off--Big Daddy took the kids to the next street over while I handed out candy.

Aside from the soggy feet and Daphne's costume being soaked 4 inches up the hem by the end, it was a good night. And the loot was pretty decent.

Now to take down the Halloween decorations. Already. Sniff.


sarah marie. said...

darling costumes ari!

Kristina P. said...

They look perfect! Cleopatra is amazing.

Financial Aid for College said...

That has got to be the most AMAZING Cleopatra costume, AND makeup I've seen outside of Elizabeth Taylor (I know, you're too young to remember, but she was HOT!) Tell Cleo - I mean Daphne - she's the BOMB!

And Beck with his Simon Legree facial hair cracked me up! Give them both kisses for Boppie!

Anonymous said...

Is that a full-size bag of M&Ms? Wow.

costumes look great!

bel said...

My 8 year-old (who decided she is too old for trick-or-treat) said that if she had gone, she would have gone as Cleopatra. She handed out candy instead.

I'm just glad it's over. I think next year I'll spend some time with the girls learning about the history of Halloween...

Suzie said...

shut the door! your kids look sooooo dang cute.
yeah, that rain was the pits.
glad you made the effort and carved the one pumpkin.

What's up with all the dark houses? 2 families I know did not hand out candy but their kids were all over the neighborhood trick or treating.

Mrs. O said...

Wow! Your kids look great. Are you available for hire?

Bjorge Queen said...

Ar. Me thinks that Beck will make a good Pastafarian someday. (Just kidding. I don't plan to indoctrinate your child with pastafarian propaganda. Sleep well at night.)

So, were people not handing out candy on the real halloween or the fake halloween? We got about 3 trick or treaters on fake halloween and 1 on real halloween. We hardly ever get trick or treaters. I'm glad we only invested a dollar on a package of starlight mints. And surprised that we didn't get egged or T.P.'d for handing out crappy candy.

Mia said...

The kids were so cute! Love the awesome work you did with the makeup/mustache-ing.