Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Free! Free! Free!

Ok, Who wants something free???

Here are your choices:
1) a free 20-page 8x8 photo book with hard photo cover. (I have bought several of these. They're gorgeous and great for Christmas gifts to hard-to-buy-for relatives.)

2) 10 free 5x7 flat stationary cards or 10 free 5x7 folded greeting cards. (Time to start thinking about Christmas cards already!)

3) 101 4x6 prints (Need to run off pictures from that full memory card? Here's your chance to get 101 of those prints free!)

4) or $10 off an order at Shutterfly.com.

What's the catch? All you have to do is be my friend and be one of the first 5 people to request one of these freebies. It's Shutterfly's gift to me to give to my friends (FYI, if you're already a Shutterfly member, you can only get 10% off an order.) I have ordered several photobooks and custom designed photo calendars from them and they've all been beautiful. So anyway, if anyone would like one of these freebies, let me know!


Jen said...

Oh me me pick me. I want the first one. I love the look of those books, but I have never got one. :)

Jenny Hoppie said...

I want one. And I dare say I am your friend. :) Have a good one.

Jenny Hoppie

Just SO said...

Oh I'd LOVE one of the books!

Mrs. O said...

I have the perfect idea in mind for a photo book. What a great gift!

Aimee said...

Does an imaginary friend count? You know, one you've never met in real life?? :)

Tire Swing Mom said...

Oh noooo! I've been in teacher meetings all morning and missed it. If I had been able to choose it would have been for the 101 4x6 prints. Crapolla.

Financial Aid for College said...

Well, Nyah, Nyah, Nyah! I didn't want one anyway! (Besides, you never ME any prizes, anyway) (except cute grandchildren. But I'll take those!)

Lyns said...

BOO HISS!!! Stupid working! Although I guess since we aren't IRL or even FB friends it doesn't count right? What if we were "fake friends" (like my 4 year old calls her imaginary friends)