Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Power of Many

I recently redecorated...or rather decorated (finally getting around to decorating here) my kitchen with a red and white theme. We finally, after 8 years of marriage, got a real dining room set. It's black and rather modern looking. And then I have accented my kitchen with red and white cushions for the chairs, red and white valances for the windows, and red and white dish towels and other accessories. But what I'm missing, what would really complete the look, is some red and white candlestick holders. I'd love a set of three. Varying heights. Red and white stripes would be perfect. Red and white polka dots would be very nice. But even some other pattern with bright red and white would probably work. But I can't seem to find any anywhere! Red? Yes. White? Yes. But red AND white, no! Not even with Christmas approaching.

That's where YOU come in. I know the power of the internet x the power of women x the power of shopping online = many many eyes all over the massive world of .com shopping who might just run across the perfect set of candlestick holders for me.

SO...if you do, please, pretty please, let me know? I might even persuade Santa to send a little sumpin extra your way.



CaraDee said...

Seems like I got a Pier One catalog today that I thumbed through and they had quite a lot of RED, but some red and white stuff. Can't guarantee it, but I would try there.

Jaime Haney said...

I suggest you visit Etsy.com and click on Alchemy, on the far left column. It is a place where you can request a special item(s) and the price you're willing to pay for it and voila! you will have many many people vying for your business and drooling to make you a wonderful handmade piece that will please you and impress your friends ;)

I would fall over dead if there isn't someone on there that can make something custom to your specs that you wouldn't be thrilled with. You'll not only have a unique piece that isn't mass produced and made in China but you'll be supporting the handmade revolution, and probably made by someone like me, an artist!

You can even shop for them by looking for artisans that are local to you to support your local peeps! Click on Shop Local just above Alchemy.

Good luck and make sure you post pics of whatever you get! I hope you give handmade a try.

Kristina P. said...

I agree with the Pier One comment. And maybe Potter Barn?

Mrs. O said...

Or how about Taipan Trading? Osmond Design (they have new outlet near you)

Anonymous said...

These were the closest I could find:





I would try the etsy requests or get white ceramic holders and DIY. Good luck!

Kay said...

Loved the halloween pictures of your kids.

Bjorge Queen said...




Not really what you're describing.

Are you a woman who loves to tole paint?

Omgirl said...

Amy, that first one is EXACTLY what I'm looking for! they even have a taller one on their website. Yeah! I'm going to see if I can find a third one that coordinates because just two different height ones would look wierd. But thank you!!!

Omgirl said...

p.s. No it is NOT me who loves to toll paint, LOL! But if you know someone, I might hire them!