Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Swim Suit Jackpot

Because I love you, because I want you all to look great in a swim suit this summer, because I want you all to find an affordable swim suit, and one which you did not have to spend 1000 hours searching for, I am going to share my discovery with you. I was looking for a modest swim suit, one that didn't cost a fortune, and I HIT THE JACKPOT.

Modest tankinis? Check.

Three piece tankinis (skirt included)? Check.

Boyshort tankinis? Check.

Boyshort bikinis (great for covering up that pesky bottom half while accentuating the top half)? Check.

And if you are into bikinis, but worry about the more jiggly parts, they have full coverage bottom bikinis.

And if you just want a skimpy bikini, or one of those cutaway one pieces that only look good on 13 year olds, well they have those too.

Best part?


Two years ago I spent $59 for the top and $35 for the skirt and $29 for the bottom of the swim suit I wore 3 times before I somehow lost it. For that price, I could have bought four different bathing suits at.....

MARINA WEST (only available at Amazon, evidently).

Most of their swim suits are between $25-45 for the complete 2 or 3 piece set!


And don't say I never did anything for you. (Just don't show up anywhere I go with the one I got, or you're dead.)

p.s. If none of Marina West's 157 options floats your boat, and you really want to pay 3x as much, you can also try:
Downeast Basics
Lime Ricki
Shade Clothing (who may or may not actually have cute swim suits but I can't tell because their swimsuit model has such a horrible body for swimsuits!)and
Rey Swimwear (be warned--they have gaggy Christian rock playing when you first open the site.)

Oh, and Mom? Here are a couple for you...


Anonymous said...

oo, Very cute. Though I don't know if I can give up the Transformers swim trunks I got out of the little boys' section at Walmart...

Hildie said...

That's some cute stuff!

Cook Family said...

Those last two sites crack me up. Those are more like universal outfits. You can go to dinner and then a swim without changing clothes. Just because you are covered, doesn't mean you can't see or hide what's there.

Mia said...

I could totally rock a burka swim suit, although I might die of heat stroke. I LOVE Land's End suit, but I just don't want to pay that price this year.

Mrs. O said...

I can't tell you the swim suit black hole I just got sucked into. Thanks! If only the suit would look on me the way it does on the model, I'd be set.

Unknown said...

I just came across this blog and found it very interesting indeed.Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

On witch site did you get the blue bikini for 13 years old. My daughter realy liked it and I would want to buy it but I can't find the website

Omgirl said...

Helene, I did not purchase that swim suit. But it is available at under the maker "Marina West." I hope it is still available...I did this post a couple of years ago. Good luck!