Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

You know how sometimes you see commercials for things and you think,

"I really wish that would work. I really wish it would end all my troubles like it says it will. I really wish that product wouldn't entirely suck after I spend all my money on it. But something in me just says it's too good to be true."?

But then every once in a while a product comes out that actually does end your troubles? And it's a miracle? Like Diet Mountain Dew?

Well this is one for me...

Breathe Right Strips.

When I was pregnant, both times, I couldn't breathe. My nasal passages just closed up tight. Nothing in, nothing out. (The nothing out part wasn't so bad.) Nothing else I tried, which is very little when you're pregnant, worked. And eventually I just stopped sleeping. Lack of sleep is one of the worst things ever! It's worse than no carbs x 10! OK, maybe x 2. Let's not get carried away here. But still, night after night it wears on you. You feel like you want to die. You dread bedtime instead of looking forward to it. You are quite sure when you lie down to sleep at night that you will stop breathing altogether and orphan your children. So when I finally tried these Breathe Right Strips, assuming they'd be frauds like most other things you see on TV, and found that they worked brilliantly, it was a little miracle. Like Fat-free Greek yogurt. Only more chewy.

I still use them. Any time I get congested or sick or feel like reminiscing on the glory days of late pregnancy, I wear one to bed. And sweet dreams is my reward. Not a single orphaned child yet.


Mia said...

Yes, yes, and double yes. Love breathe right strips. I started using them when I was pregnant too and still use them when I am sick or feeling congested... or when I am feeling tired after what I thought was a good night sleep.

Kristina P. said...

I make my husband use these because he snores. I can tell when I come to bed, and he hasn't put one on. Miracle workers!

just call me jo said...

Why didn't I know about those when I was pregnant (31 years ago)? I couldn't breathe either. Well, it's not worth getting pregnant again (at 61) to try it--haha! My husband does snore though. Thanks for the tip.

Chelsea said...

I love those too!