Sunday, May 9, 2010


A list of things I love about being a Mom.

1. When a baby falls asleep in my arms.
2. When a toddler falls asleep in my arms. Way less frequent, but so much more rewarding, their sweaty heads plastered to my chest, my arm so dead asleep I am sure there will be permanent nerve damage, but still unwilling to move for fear of waking them.
3. Footie pajamas
4. A child who says, "I missed-ed ya, Mom" when I come home.
5. An empty plate after a meal
6. Bedtime routines that call for a kiss, a hug, a five, other five, another kiss, another hug, and then finally an "I love you."
7. Watching the deep satisfaction of a child sucking on a beloved binky
8. Learning. Watching my children learn to do all the things they can do is priceless.
9. Mispronounced words.
10. Tiny, soft hands. I could just sit and stare at my kids' tiny hands, able to do so much but in a cute, miniature-handed sort of way.
11. A child who volunteers "I forgive you" to a sibling who hurt him.
12. Watching Daddy at his comedic best, cracking the kids up with his silly voices and songs and dance moves.
13. Hearing "Mom, this is the bestest food you ever made" even when all I did was heat up frozen chicken nuggets.
14. A child who loves all living creatures so much that she begs me not to squash the ants who have invaded our kitchen. She will carry them all outside, she promises.
15. A boy who asks to sing a solo for the extended family and then gets every word right.

I'm sure there are a million other things, but those are the favorites that come to mind now.


Jules AF said...

Sweet list.

Financial Aid for College said...

Coincidentally, those are the EXACT same things I love about grand-motherhood.

Mia said...

Isn't motherhood great? I love when my kids laugh at/with each other. Watching them forge a friendship is amazing.

Erica said...

:D love this post!