Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Most Frivelous, Superficial Post Ever

I will spare all readers with a Y chromosome from a fate worse than death and warn you right here:


I will further warn all readers with a very repressed second X chromosome:


However, for those of you out there with one X chromosome and a second, very sparkly, shopping-prone, accessory-loving X:


Those of you who are left may or may not remember the previous purse drama around here. It took place over the course of about a year, during which time I searched for the perfect purse and was unable to find it. I wanted it to be on the smaller side, as I hate digging around in outer darkness for my sunglasses. I wanted it to be kind of funky--I feel that accessories should say something about who you are. And I needed it to appeal to the practical, slightly OCD side of me that likes lots of pockets and pouches and places to put things; I want a spot for my cell phone, a spot for my keys, a spot for my sunglasses, wallet, business cards, pill box, lip gloss, pens, and any other items which might occasionally make their way into my purse.

This is a tall order.

Purses tend to come in A)Sassy and cute and gigantic/and/or/without organizational capabilities; or B) Practical and horribly ugly, or at the very worst majorly boring. Trying to find a purse that fits all of my needs was next to impossible, hence the year-long search. I eventually stumbled upon a purse that fit the bill.

Lots of pockets and pouches, pretty cute (candy apple red with an embossed paisley pattern) and of a moderate size. It would take me several months to realize that I hated this purse. Mostly because the handles were so short that it could only be held in one's hand or dangled from one's wrist. Too short to throw over the shoulder. And that, when you have two small children and are always holding two hands plus a school bag, grocery bag, diaper bag, pool bag or any other bag = a deal breaker. It also only had a small 1" wide tab across the center opening to keep in all the contents of my purse when thrown down to the floor of my car after a 90-to-0-in-5-seconds stop, and out of my son's hands when jonesing for gum. That = no worky. Plus, it never really spoke to my core personality. It sort of whispered, "You might be a 70 year old grandma. I'm not sure." to me. I wasn't trying to hear that.

So (and yes, I am finally getting to the point) I have secretly been on the lookout for a new purse. And miraculously, I finally struck upon one I thought I could like last week... after only a couple of months of looking! I wasn't dead sure about it. The handles gave me pause. Long enough? Oh Yes. But also vaguely reminiscent of the braided belts of the 90's. Oh No. However, now that I've had it a week, I can say that I absolutely adore it. It has:

1) a cell pocket
2) a key pocket
3) two interior pouches for pill cases, cards, etc.
4) an interior zippered pocket for receipts, etc.
AND as an added bonus
5) two snap shut pouches on the outside of the purse that run the length of the purse, perfect for tossing pens into and tucking sunglasses into and hiding garbage in and holding coke cans in.
6) The whole thing ZIPS SHUT! I have actually gone an entire week without Beck devouring a pack of gum or dumping everything I own on the floor of the car!
7) Plus it's cute. The stripes suit me. It also turns out that I like the braided leather handles. They're very smooth to the touch and slightly padded and feel really nice on. You'd have to try it to understand just how nice braided leather straps can feel against your skin.

Here is the little beaut......

So, in light of all that, I hereby pronounce us woman and purse.

And if you don't like it, DON'T TELL ME. I want to live in purse paradise/purse denial as long as humanly possible. Or, you know, until next year when I get bored with this purse and the start the madness again.


Sarah said...

I do believe that my own personal search for the perfect purse will never come to fruition. I have never had a perfect purse, and I don't think I ever will! However,I am glad that someone out there has found happiness. I wish you both a happy and full life together!

Kristina P. said...

So cute! And practical! And cute!

jennie w. said...

Love it (stripes speak to me)!

M-Cat said...

I think it's cute and screams YOU!!
Congrats on your nice find.

Najma said...

Just wondering what you thought about the Miche bag? I was thinking about getting one - but I was told they're going to come out with a new size soon.

jennie w. said...

I think you've blogged about lipstick before. That is even more superficial than a purse, I think.

Chelsea said...

I love it! Where did you find it?

And I was just having a similar conversation with DH the other day, trying to convince him that purses are NOT frivolous. We use them every single day, and they keep our lives in order! Unfortunately he saw through me to the real argument, which was that I NEEDED this Dooney and Bourke bag I fell in love with at Nordstrom, and which costs $200. Needless to say, I didn't win that one.

alex dumas said...

Thank you for the warning at the beginning, but from one who *may* have a repressed X-chromosome, this is not frivolous. (Except that I will not ever purchase a "purse." It is my "bag." Used to be a backpack, but I kept getting mistaken for a student, so graduated to BAG. Shoulder bag, to be specific.) Finding the right bag is serious business.
Does this make me girly?

Tiffany said...

I quite love your purse. Quite!

rychelle said...

i really like it!

Omgirl said...

Alex, you're girly. OH NO!

Chelsea, I got it at Smith's Marketplace a.k.a. Fred Meyer. 1/2 price plus end of the season sale. Total? $28!!

Cook Family said...

I love the purse. I don't like to spend a lot of money on purses because I don't use them for very long - I love change. I just ran across a website (via Avon) and thought of you - http://www.butlerbag.com/default.aspx
(start saving now!)

Megan said...

I love the purse.. I am in need of a new bag/purse has to double as a diaper bag. I'm still using the kelty bag I bought before having Hannah 4 1/2 years ago! But my specifications are hard to meet.

L. said...

My idea of a great purse is a LARGE open space into which I can dump everything I own, including my lunch, a file-folder of papers, a bottle of pop, and the novel I'm currently reading. Since I could never remember which pocket should contain what, I have perfected the art of Braille purse-diving while driving, and can find what I want if it's in there. I must have one separate pocket for pills and fragile stuff, but I can hardly find THAT pocket half the time. It must also have a strap that will fit diagonally across my shoulder and body so I don't have to hold on to it lest it slip off. It must also be black leather, without any ornimentation, so nobody will actually notice it.

If you think YOUR purse was hard to find, you should try my challenge! They don't make such a thing, even as a diaper bag. On top of finding one that meets MY specs, I must try to find one my daughters will not mock, scoff, or gag at.

So, I bought a good-size piece of soft black leather -- and you know the rest. I hope to finish it this year. I'll buy a matching leather belt to make a strap. (Maybe braided!)

I do think your purse is cute!

Shawn said...

Oh dear----I have blogged about eye shadows----so what does that say about my being superficial?

And by the by---I am thrilled by your new purse---so chic and fun!!

Kado! said...

love the post! You made me laugh! i love the big huge purses...but them I compartmentalize with individual cute bags inside..like for make-up, first aid kit..and so on....but i do need a pouch for the cell phone..or else I'll NEVER find it in there!

tiburon said...

That is my dream purse.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finding a one-year soul mate. No comment on the purse itself, though. Sorry.