Monday, September 14, 2009

Midnight Ramblings

1. It’s past midnight.
2. I am still up.
3. I am blogging
4. Blogging after everyone else goes to bed is guilt free.
5. Of course, I will regret it in the morning, but it always seems worth it at night.
6. I hate mornings.
7. I love pie.
8. I made turtle pie today. Actually I had to turn it into a tin roof pie because Big Daddy can’t eat pecans.
9. I miss pecans.
10. But I like Big Daddy more.
11. Turtle pie is not on my diet.
12. Neither is tin roof pie.
13. Pie is not on my diet.
14. I hate diets.
15. I love pie.
16. I need to lose 3 lbs to be at my maximum allowable weight (M.A.W.).
17. I need to lose 8 lbs to be at a comfortable weight below my M.A.W., with a little cushion.
18. I need to lose 13 lbs to be so far below my MAW that I could actually consume Coca-Cola and eat chocolate and have pancakes for breakfast again for several weeks without thinking about it and still not go above my M.A.W.
19. I will never be that weight.
20. I’m sick of talking about dieting.
21. I watched the Sex And The City movie again (for probably the fourth time) on HBO tonight.
22. I still think it was an extremely satisfying movie.
23. Except for that bird in her hair.
24. I hated that bird in her hair.
25. Watching Sex And The City makes me realize how much I don’t care about labels.
26. I have never cared about labels.
27. I would never pay $200 for a pair of jeans.
28. Up until last year, I had never paid more than $25 for a pair of jeans.
29. Then last year I bought a pair of $50 jeans.
30. I love them.
31. Then I bought a pair of $30 jeans.
32. I love them even more.
33. Then I bought a pair of $20 jeans and a pair of $60 jeans.
34. I love them all.
35. I don’t think there has ever been a time in my life when I have owned 4 pairs of jeans at the same time that I loved.
36. But it has just happened.
37. And none of them cost $200.
38. Back to Sex and The City, I never liked Samantha's clothes.
39. I also never really liked Mr. Big. As in, the actor. Not my type.
40. However, speaking of who is my type, I am excited about this movie.
41. I am also excited about this movie.
42. I am not excited about this movie. YIKES.
43. I recently saw this movie. Liked it.
44. I recently saw this movie. Didn’t like it.
45. I got to start learning the Tango at my dance lesson last week.
46. I think the Tango may be my favorite dance.
47. I sprained my foot that morning, though, so I spent most of the lesson working on my hold (posture and arms).
48. The hold in the Tango is HARD.
49. It is still my favorite dance so far.
50. Biggest Loser starts this week. Yay! (Not the kind I'm in. Just the kind I watch.)
51. Maybe that will give me more motivation to diet.
52. Wait, I am not talking about dieting anymore.
53. I can't stand to wear polyester.
54. I can't wear wool either.
55. Wool makes me itch uncontrollably.
56. I really only like to wear cotton.
57. I need a vacation. A real one. With no kids.
58. Vacations with kids aren't vacations. They're just the same old routine, different location.
59. My next door neighbors deal drugs.
60. I believed I mentioned that already.
61. I also may have spooked them off by stupidly taking a picture in plain sight of one of their drug deals.
62. Oops.
63. Today in church the lesson was about how the women in the ward have touched each other’s lives.
64. Each woman was supposed to stand up and tell how one other woman in the ward had touched their life.
65. I couldn’t think of a single story.
66. I’ve been in my ward for almost 8 years.
67. Reason number 67 why I want to move.
68. I love the trees around my house.
69. Reason # 4 why I want to stay.
70. I love trees.
71. Sometimes I hug trees when people aren’t looking.
72. Sometimes I also run stop signs when people aren’t looking.
73. But only if it’s late at night.
74. And I still pause.
75. Does that count?
76. I like breakfast meats.
77. I have a hard time choosing between sausage and bacon.
78. I wear glasses in the evening.
79. My vision is drastically different in each eye.
80. left? 20/30
81. Right? 20/550.
82. 20/550 means I see at twenty feet away what most people see at 550 feet away.
83. Without my left eye, I’d be blind.
84. Without glasses I’d have no depth perception.
85. Without contacts I’d be nerdy.
86. I don’t qualify for lasik surgery.
87. That makes me sad.
88. I like to type.
89. I can type over 80 wpm.
90. Sometimes after I've typed too much, my brain tries to type my thoughts as I think them.
91. That makes thinking very laborious.
92. I guess I think faster than 80 words per minute.
93. I wish I could speak Arabic and Mandarin and Russian.
94. I wish I could remember how to say mirror in Spanish.
95. I haven’t bought a new CD in 3 years.
96. I seriously love my bed.
97. It must be late.
98. My bed is calling to me.
99. Yep. It’s 12:58am. Crap.
100. Goodnight.


Cook Family said...

#64 - That just makes everyone feel uncomfortable!

Tiffany said...

Loved this! (Don't lose a pound; you're perfect!)

J.J. said...

#94- Espejo :)

(Did you ever get your hands on Pennsylvania and Illinois?)

Sara said...

Those are fun to read!

Kristina P. said...

20/550?!?!? I didn't even know that was possible!

Omgirl said...

JJ-I will run to the PO Box today and check. Thanks for reminding me!

M-Cat said...

And that is why I hate RS.....: )

rychelle said...

wait a minute, your "type" is an acutal fox?!

i've been thinking about how things were going with your neighbors.....

alex dumas said...

Congratulations. It's hard to find a good pair of jeans to love.
So your type is Clooney...or Streep? Or Owen Wilson?
Legion = freeeeaky
Love Amy Adams.
Movies about the Holocaust are hard to watch.
I'm also a 100% cotton girl. Even underwear.
I hug trees too. [blush]
Pausing counts. I sometimes run stoplights early in the morning when they won't change with one car.
I bet you look hot in glasses.

L. said...
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Sarah said...

In regards to #58: A vacation is when you go somewhere without kids, a trip is when you take them with you. I consider any meal out without children a vacation.

tiburon said...

That look inside your mind was satisfying and a titch scary.

MiaKatia said...

I tried to learn Mandarin in college. I failed miserably, but every so often a word will come to mind and I think maybe there is hope after all. I hope the neighbors vamoose soon.

uʎɹɐ⋊ said...

I going to learn Mandarin. I do know some words and phrases... love Mandarin pop too. I'll speak it with you if you want! But I'll pass on Russian.. I want to learn Polish.

And that fox movie looks good.

Kado! said...

i HATE mornings...and I don't mind paying $200 for a GREAT pair of jeans....I prefer not to...but I will.

hope you got some sleep!

Shawn said...

Love your ramblings----they are very similar to how my brain thinks 24/7....and yes, it gets crowded up there---and I stay up until 2:00 a.m. every night! argh.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever wonder who decided to smash plants and boil the liquid up to a certain point, let it crystallize, and then taste it to see if it was sweet? And who thought to process cocoa to get chocolate? How did someone figure that chocolate and peanut butter should go together? Why do I have to be at work right now instead of at home?