Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Seventh Of July! (Random Version)

Thanks for the tips on doing fireworks pictures, Kami. I got some really fun shots!


For the first time ever, my kids were old enough to do something other than cover their ears and cry. Daphne loved the "sprinklers" (sparklers). Beck tolerated one and then his curiosity was satiated. But at least they participated and enjoyed themselves. (FINALLY)

My whole family is in town. My brother and his wife and their kids from Oregon. My sister and her husband and their kids from Texas. It's been a madhouse around here. MADHOUSE. (Awesome, fun, wonderful madhouse).

Someone may or may not have gotten some really excellent fireworks that may or may not be illegal from another state that may or may not border on this one on their way here. Said alleged fireworks may or may not have shot several stories high in the air before showering down hot chunks of ash on us. WORTH IT.

We had family photos yesterday. And the husbands only bitched and moaned a minor amount. MIRACLE. (Pictures forthcoming).

We took my brother and sister in law to dinner last night at the Foundary Grill up at Sundance. The food was, as usual, completely delicious and very plentiful. The company was wonderful. My body? Still full the next morning. STRONGLY CONSIDERING BULEMIA.

Was it really 103 yesterday??? That's what the outside temp read on my car dash. FRIGGIN HOT.

I woke up a few day ago in the middle of a dream where Tom Selleck really wanted to get to know me. We were hanging out. He was persuing me. It was awesome. Thanks for waking me up out of that dream, Daphne. BUMMED.

Things still on the itinerary for my family being in town?
Laser Tag
Cowabunga Bay
Pizzeria 712
Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house



Devri said...

Glad they didn't have to cover their ears, That makes it worth watching your money burn! tee hee~

You have a lot planned. Summer is busy! enjoy your fam.

rychelle said...

sounds like a great week. i can't wait to see the pictures.

Kristina P. said...

I totally want to go to Cowabunga Bay!

Melissa said...

What the crap is cowabunga day? Please expound..... oh and sounds like I have a new place to try. In Sundance.

Omgirl said...

Dear Melissa, that's Cowabunga BAY. Please to click on the link. (It's a fantastic new......just click on the link and you'll see!)

veronica said...

Whoa! I had a Tom Selleck dream the other night too... He must have come to my house after Daphne woke you up.

Chelsea said...

Haha, I totally read "Cowabunga Day" too. I thought it sounded awesome! :D

Were you at the Foundry Grill on Monday night? Because we were there too! Too bad we didn't run into each other, I would have loved to introduce you to my sister. I felt sick after eating there too and actually spent all night in the bathroom (not being bulimic, with the trots.) Talk about a waste of a $40 steak.

André said...

Did Tom Selleck have a mustache in your dream? I don't like moving my mouth when my facial hair gets too long, so I can't imagine what it would be like to kiss someone with all that hair.

Christie said...

So, how was Cowabunga Bay? Was it worth it?

Omgirl said...

Um, if you have older kids, probably worth it. For younger kids, probably not. There is a lazy river and a small zero-entry pool for little kids. There are also two very small kiddie water slides but the water is arctic on the slides. We stayed in the river and pool. It was fun, but not worth $16 just for that.

tiburon said...

You are a busy little beaver!