Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting Organized, Part 2

Preceding my three-legged silver jewelry stand bought at a cheap, teeny-bopper store, was a purple, sparkly, three-legged jewelry stand bought at a cheap teeny-bopper store. It didn't have enough necklace holding hooks, so I got the silver one, and the purple sparkly one became my new hair accessory holder. Before the purple, sparkly hair accessory holder was a bowl. A gold bowl. All my hair accessories were in there: Clippies of all sizes, barrettes, hair bands, head bands, bobby pins, etc. All jumbled up in a big wad. It drove me nuts. So I was pleased as punch when I recommissioned my old purple sparkly jewelry holder as a hair accessory holder. Except for one problem. It was three-legged. It was three-legged as a jewelry holder, and it continued to be three- legged as a hair accessory holder. And if you need a recap on why three legs suck, here it is: Whoever invented three-legged things has never heard of the laws of physics. Albert Einstien explained in the 4th law of thermodynamics, "If an object with three legs comes into contact with any other object, person, force or thought wave anywhere near or far from its vicinity, it will tip over. If there is a sink or trash can nearby, it will tip over in that direction." So just as I eventually came to despise my silver, sparkly, three-legged jewelry holder, I came to despise my purple, three-legged hair accessory holder. And I came up with this solution:

It couldn't have been easier to make. I actually completed the whole project in one session instead of spread out over days and days in between feeding the baby and taking the kids to swimming lessons. Here's how to do it:

1) Buy a length of ribbon (mine's about 2 feet long, 1 1/2" wide). I chose a ribbon with holes to make it easier for the clippies to attach to it.
2) Buy 2 artificial flowers. Something flat on the back is preferable. Detach the stems.
3) Buy another bit of ribbon (I reused the 1/2" red ribbon from my jewelry holder). It should be about 6-7" long.
4) Hot glue the ends of the ribbon to the backs of the flowers.
5) Make the narrow ribbon piece into a loop (like those pink cancer ribbons) and hot glue it to the back of the top flower.
6) That's it! You're done! Just attach your hair clippies, barrettes, etc., (it doesn't hold hair bands, unfortunately, unless you want to loop them over your flower. But I decided to just put them in a drawer.) and mount it to a hook or nail on the wall.

This little piece of organization cost me about $4 and partially covered up a spackle job on the wall left by the previous owners. More importantly, it may have prevented a future stroke on the party of Big Daddy, who despised my stupid, tipping-over, three-legged, purple sparkly jewelry hair accessory holder with a passion nearly as much as I did. Ok more. Much more. Hence the impending stroke. So, hooray for organization!

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