Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just a TITCH late--Happy Birthday, Daphne!

Ok, so her birthday was a month ago. I have had a few tiny things to do in the last month. Like breast-feed non-stop and go through endless boxes of clothes trying to find one solitary pair of short or capris that might fit me without the use of a rubber band or liposuction. That took the better part of 3 weeks, truthfully. So, lest she feel slighted when she grows up and reads this blog, here is the recap on Daphne's 6th birthday:

It started with Daphne wanting a dress-up party. But not a princess dress-up party. More like a costume party. She just wanted everyone to dress up as something. Daphne chose to wear her Cleopatra costume from last Halloween. Likewise, Beck wore a Halloween costume, but from two years ago. So he was a Cowboy in Floods.

Next Daphne requested a piñata. A rainbow unicorn piñata, to be exact. And animal print decor. Then she picked out cupcake invitations. And her cake was a giant purse. Are you sensing a lack of cohesion here? Big Daddy tried to make her change some things, to make it more matchy. But I said, what the heck. It's her birthday, let her have what she wants. So a Mexican Costume-Jungle-Cupake-Purse Party, it was! There was a general black/white/hot pink-ness to it, but that's about all that tied it together. And it turned out great.

We played musical chairs, did a relay race, heard the REAL version of Rapunzel, told by Daphne's grandma Boppie, ate cake, jumped on the tramp, and hit the piñata. Here are a few pics:

We started the piñata game with each girl getting two blindfolded hits.

Then we went to three non-blindfolded hits. But even our experienced Mexican princess couldn't get it open.

Eventually we had to break it open the hard way: by 9 iron.

But then candy and toys were a-flowing.

Finally there was cake and ice cream.

And presents...

At age 6, here are some things you should know about Daphne: Daphne is a very unique child. She talks (and argues) like a grown-up, wise beyond her years. She isn't afraid of anyone or anything. She loves all animals, from the biggest down to the smallest (which means she is always bringing "pet" bugs and worms into the house). She doesn't care much for girly stuff like princesses and make-up and jewelry. But she does have quite a liking for the boys already. She hates school but loves her teacher. She doesn't find much need for sleep. She doesn't eat a lot, won't touch any potato product (including french fries), but loves her vegetables. Daphne cares a great deal for frosting (hmmm, wonder where she gets that from?). She is HIGHLY determined and precocious. Just try changing her mind about anything. Daphne is a very talented artist. She is very conscious of textures (tags and seams are her worst enemy). She isn't much of a snuggler, but she is very tender-hearted. She cares for every last creature on this earth and wants to take care of them all, especially her baby sister. Although many of Daphne's more stubborn traits can be less than endearing now, I know they will serve her well as an adult and that she will do something truly amazing with that tenacity. I expect great things from my Daphne.

Happy Birthday, Little Girl!


Bjorge Queen said...

I love it. The rainbow unicorn pinata made me think of Planet Unicorn. (Give it up for Feathers, Cadillac, and Tom Cruise...Planet Unicorn, hey!)
I really can't tell from the picture if Boppie is L. If so, I'm disappointed that she didn't wear the princess costume. Oh, well.
I'm ashamed to say that I've never hosted a child's birthday party at my home. Even for my son who hates public places because of his autism. I've having his 7th birthday party a week from now at Jungle Jims. I'm hoping he doesn't have a fit. (Now I feel so guilty I might change my mind.)

Charlie N. Holmberg said...

How cute. :D Such a great mom to do all that for her!

Financial Aid for College said...

That Darling Daphne is a very, very special girl! You knew that before she was born, though, didn't you? I adore her!

Mrs. O said...

Everybody should get at least once chance to take a whack at a unicorn. Happy Birthday, Daphne.

Hildie said...

That Egyptian outfit cracks me up. Not exactly what I picture when I think of a princess. But she is her Boppie's grandaugher!