Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's Time for a Pipdate!

There was bad news and good news at Pippa's 2 month appointment today. But on a side note, can I just scream this out loud: "TWO MONTHS??? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?" I seriously can't believe it. I love newborns. ADORE newborns. I love when they first come out and they are just this helpless puddle of sweetness and softness. They lie on your chest, they love your warmth, they occasionally sigh in contentment, and you might see them crack half an eye open now and then. I just love it. But it was WAY too short-lived. Now she is awake for long periods of time (well, 1 1/2 hours seems long), she smiles, she is beginning to coo, she looks around and has a definite personality. Where did my tiny newborn go??

Ok, so back to her doctor's visit. The bad news is that she is to be yet another short child of mine. None of my kids have made it past the 20th percentile for height. Pippa is in the 19%. The good news is that she is a fatso! 60th percentile! Daphne was below the charts...still is. Beck's fattest weigh-in put him at 25%. So I'm pleased to say that Pippa is a big fat porker!

She is also sleeping 11 hours a night (on good nights. Some nights she only sleeps 8 or 9, eats and then sleeps 3 more). That's really amazing for a 2 month old. She eats like a champ (clearly), she's very patient, and she loves to look at me and smile this big, open-mouth, squinty-eyed smile at me. She hardly ever cries. She squawks when she is hungry or sleepy and only breaks into a real wail if you ignore her squawks. She has the most monstrously chubby thighs you've ever seen. Her belly button is an outie that has a swirl to it like a galaxy. Her bum is so round it looks like a goose-egg stuck to her back. Her eyes are actually getting lighter and less muddy (come on, blue eyed child!). They are currently blue-ish grey but with a definite greenish tint to them. Her eye lashes are very long but nearly white. Her eyebrows are all white and so they're pretty much invisible. Her hair continues to be a sort of strawberry blond or pale auburn. It'll be interesting to see what color it turns when it grows in.

All in all, I'm very pleased with this baby. I can hardly find a complaint at all. (Other than that she blows out nearly every diaper. She's not a very lady-like pooper!) I think if I was a teacher and she was in my "How to Be a Good Baby Class," she'd get an A+. Or maybe an A. Points might have to be deducted for the number of times I have to wipe poop off her back. Otherwise, Great Job, Pippa!

Oh, and she has a big head. 85%. But then, all my kids do. Due to the massive brains they inherited them from me, no doubt.

So that's the update on my short, stocky angel baby.


Jen said...

So so so cute! Chubby babies are great.

Kristina P. said...

I like newborns at about 6 months. Is that still considered a newborn. If they can hold their head up, I'm good.

Hildie said...

I think she looks like a blend of Daphne and Beck together.

Bjorge Queen said...

Both of my kids have been in the 2nd percentile for weight practically since birth. My daughter recently reached the 10th percentile and I did a dance of joy. I never hoped to dream of such a thing.
I remember like 25 years ago your brother showed me his outie belly button and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I made such a fuss about it that he refused to let me have a second look and I was sorely disappointed. It's funny the things you remember in life.

Financial Aid for College said...

What a wonderful update!! So glad to know how darling Pippa Passes! Or is that Pippa Passes Poop? Thanks tons for the pictures and stories.

I hooted at Bjorg Queens take on Ben's "outie." Do I know her?

Mrs. O said...

She's adorable and sweet and good job on the pooping. I mean get that crap outta there.