Friday, April 29, 2011

Princess Bride

I just finished watching the Royal Wedding (could I truly call myself a woman if I hadn't?). I didn't get up at 5am for it or anything, but it was just starting when I turned on the TV after breakfast, perfect timing.

I have to say, I LOVED Kate's dress and I truly hope this sets off a new trend to put sleeves back on wedding dresses. I watch the show Say Yes To the Dress religiously, and the one complaint I have about 99% of the dresses is THEY ARE ALL STRAPLESS! And I can't tell you how many times I've heard a bride on that show say, "I want to look sexy on my wedding day." First of all, looking sexy is not what weddings are about. It's the one day of your life you should at least try to look pure. Also, by "sexy," those girls really mean "trashy," because having your boobs hang out on your wedding day is trashy, ladies, I hate to tell you. Three cheers for Kate Middleton for showing that you can look absolutely stunning, set off your amazing figure, and still look classy and elegant. Bravo!!!

Other comments:

I found the ceremony quite spiritual and touching. A lot of really great messages in there. I wonder how much anyone, including the bride and groom, internalized them in that largely un-religious country. I wonder if Charles was internalizing them when he said "I will" to Diana whilst having an affair with Camilla. I surely hope the fact that William and Kate have dated for 7 years already means they really do love each other and intend to be faithful.

I felt sad for a minute at the end of the ceremony that Diana couldn't be there. And sad for her boys that that homewrecker, Camilla, got to walk down the aisle after the bridal couple. Does Charles have no shame?

I wonder what Elton John was thinking through all that talk about marriage being between a man and a woman. Did he feel like walking out? And, for a professional singer, he sure didn't look like he was singing with much gusto. Way to give it a D+ performance, Elton.

What is with the uni-color lady-suits with matching hats? Hasn't anyone ever heard of mix and match colors or patterns??? (Although I was happy to see all the hats. I really wish hats would come back into fashion.)

Is the Queen supposed to sing "God Save The Queen?" It IS the national anthem, after all. But kind of self-promoting if she does sing it, huh?

I called Daphne over to the TV so I could show her a REAL princess and prince getting married. She looked at Kate getting walked down the aisle by her dad, just behind the Dean of Westminster, and said, "I wouldn't want to marry THAT prince!" I said, "That's her dad." "No, THAT guy," she said, pointing to the Dean. "No, that is the priest who marries them," I said. "You mean the one who tells them they can kiss?" she asked. "Yes," I clarified.

A few minutes later, they showed William and Harry walking towards the front and I told her those were the two princes. She asked which one the bride was going to marry, and I told her the one in red. "Well, I wouldn't want to marry him either!" she told me. "But I WOULD like to marry the one in the blue and gold. He's so HANDSOME," she said, curling her hands under her chin and batting her eyelashes at Prince Harry. Oh geez, I'm in trouble.

Any thoughts about the Royal Wedding?


Koreena said...

All good thoughts. I especially agree with Daphne's idea of marrying Prince Harry over William. Much cuter. :)

Erica said...

When I read that Prince William had picked a song to honor his father and step-mother Camilla from their own wedding, that really spoke to me.

I sincerely hope Prince William and Kate have a very happy marriage. They look lovely together.

Michelle Glauser said...

I totally agree about the not-wanting-to-look-like-a-slut-at-my-wedding thing. My goodness! People whose boosies you've never seen before suddenly show all on the day that the most pictures will be taken of them in their entire lives. Gross.

I loved Kate's lace. I thought she looked sad and nervous during the actual ceremony. I guess she was just trying to be appropriately serious, because she looked happy later.

Bjorge Queen said...

I also liked the dress.

I'm not opposed to shoulders, per say. And being somewhat of a liberal heretic, I can't say that I'm opposed to an absence of spirituality. I like people who put their money where their mouth is. I'm not sure what the church of England (or whatever) has to say about them shacking up all this time. I would be curious. Though these days, I hear it's foolish not to take a "test drive". I was religious before I got married in a former life so I don't know. Despite all the speculation due to the fact that it was a civil ceremony, I totally "earned" that white dress. LOL.
I don't know what Elton thought. He made some comments back when Ellen Degeneres was going through career hell in the 90s that were less than supportive. I also heard him say in a TV interview that he didn't care about gay marriage because he, himself, had no interest in getting married. So I don't consider him to be the best ally for all things gay. Sometimes straight rainbow flag waving gay loving liberals like me find ourselves wishing that people like Elton would do a little more.

Omgirl said...

ya, you know, my major beef with strapless wedding dresses isn't even the cleavage as much as it is the complete lack of variety possible with a strapless. The two things that make the top of a dress different are the neckline and the sleeves. Strapless dressees have neither! So you can go with a sweetheart or a straight across. That's pretty much IT. It leaves the whole uniqueness of a dress to the waistline (again, whoopdedoo) and what's on the skirt. So mostly I just want sleeved dresses to come back so we can actually see some something different. (I feel the same way about Utah's capped sleeve, ballroom skirt dresses too, by the way. Booooring! I wish more Utah girls would wear a mermaid skirt or 3/4 sleeves or something. I guess I am just tired of redundant wedding dresses!)

Financial Aid for College said...

I am SOOOOOO with you about boring strapless dresses! And why wear white at all, since most modern brides have about as much purity as a sidewalk. OK, Yes, white is traditionally brid-ey. It's about the only time in her life a woman will wear head-to-toe white, which is striking from it's very rarity. In fact, isn't it a kick that brides all over the world, from every KIND of culture are now wearing white wedding gowns?

Yes, I thought the ceremony was eye-moisteningly beautiful, and wondered what Charles felt as he heard those vows intoned again.

Christie said...

I love that Daphne wants to marry a prince. Afterall, what girl wouldn't?

Chelsea said...

I am totally with you on the strapless dress thing! Kate's dress was SO classy.

I loved the wedding. My favorite part (other than the hats!) was the sermon by the Bishop of London, I thought it was so profound:

Kay said...

Charles and Camilla had to ask forgiveness in front of the church and those invited to the wedding before they where allowed to marry. I would say they repented, so I'm all for their marriage to last. Camilla deserves to be respected now, her sins are in the past.
Diana also cheated during her marriage I thought.

Back to Kate and William. I loved Kate's dress. I'm hoping that Kate is able to bring back pretty and yet modest clothing back to fashion. I'm so tired of seeing people doing their daily shopping in jammies or skantily clad outfits. I'd like to see people dress nice for a change.
You need to show Daphne a picture of William when he was younger.