Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April Miscellaneous

1. Triumph is when your spell checker doesn't correct your spelling of the word "miscellaneous." (It only took me 30 years to get that one right.)

2. I am enjoying this beautiful spring weather more than you can imagine. The smell is heavenly. The sunshine is amazing. The warmth is stirring. It makes my soul feel alive.

3. It also makes me want to garden. But gardening requires bending over.

4. I cannot bend over. You can't bend at the waist when there is a human beach ball trapped inside you.

5. Speaking of said human beach ball, I am 37 weeks 1 day today. I had Daphne at 36 weeks 5 days and Beck at 38 weeks. ANY DAY NOW!

6. I could go to my due date. That IS a possibility I'm forced to consider. VERY reluctantly.

7. I will NOT consider the possibility of going over my due date. No. That cannot happen. WILL NOT HAPPEN!!

8. My doctor is out of town until next Monday. Evidently he thought it was more important to take his family to the So.Cal theme parks than to sit around here waiting for the possibility that my baby might come early. Jerk.

9. I guess I'll try to wait 5 more days to have this baby so I can accommodate his schedule.

10. Dr Smith, I'm only kidding! If you ever read this and thought I was actually mad, I would kill myself. I love you! Not in a crazy rabbit-boiling kind of way. Just in a you-are-my-favorite-doctor-EVER way!

11. The left click button on my laptop is broken. Sometimes it won't work at all, sometimes it works if you push really hard on the far end of it. It is driving me NUTS. Whenever I want to highlight something, I can't. If I need to hold it down to drag and drop, good luck! This is the crappiest laptop EVER. I don't care if Consumer Reports gave it a fantastic rating, the Sony Viao is GARBAGE. Pretty much every part of it has broken at some point during the last 2 years. But the left click, is that a pain!

12. I have just been going through my photos folder and I realized how many pictures I have taken that I meant to blog about but never did. So I think maybe I'll make the rest of this random post a random photos post. Enjoy. Or not. Depending on how much you like to see random pictures of my kids. And depending on how much you like looking at photos taken on an iPhone in bad lighting. What can I say? I was between cameras.

13. I'll start off with something totally disgusting: Cankles.
I took this picture in Texas. Evidently traveling from 3500 feet to sea level does not improve water retention in very pregnant women. The good news is that they have resumed their semi-cankle status now that I'm back at high elevation.

14. Getting a new 7 inches off haircut while you're super pregnant and enormous is not a good idea. Because you will hate your hair no matter what it looks like simply because you hate your body. Or maybe because you realize too late that the haircut you picked doesn't actually suit YOU. But here it is.

15. The Baby Bump. This was at about 32 weeks I think. The one and only picture of my belly this time around. Boy, this third child is already getting the shaft. I hate to be so predictable!

16. Gelato. Usually I'm not much of an ice cream fan. But the Gelato at SetteBello in downtown SLC is UH-MAZE-ING. My favorite? 1/2 Pistachio, 1/2 Nutella. This time I noticed a new flavor, the second one from the left on the top:

Can you guess what it is? My guess was sweet cream with chocolate sauce. Uh, NOT EVEN CLOSE.
The sign below says "Ricotta with Balsamic Reduction." EWWWW!!! That is just sick and wrong! Someone needs to be committed for that travesty against dessert.

17. While getting some frozen custard (I know I'm not convincing you here that I don't like ice cream-ish treats, but I really don't!) at Coney's, I saw this description for a hot dog: "Topped with caramelized onions, bacon, pinto beans, melted cheese, fresh hand-cut salsa, guacamole, cilantro cream sauce and cilantro." On a HOT DOG. Does that seem bizarre to anyone else? I laughed while asking the cashier if anyone ever ordered it. His response was, "Yeah. The guy in front of you just did. It's our most popular hot dog!" I guess it's just me whose crazy. What do you think?

18. Crazy Hair Day at School. I'm pretty sure Daphne won.

19. Do you ever make recipes that require melting caramels? I make one or two, and it is a pain to unwrap each individual caramel and then wait for it to slowly melt. I recently discovered this product and I will never buy wrapped caramels again!

20. And finally, I have really enjoyed my new bakery discovery "The Chocolate." That is the name of the establishment, not an item there. Although the best items there are all chocolate baked goods, of course. Here are a few pics of my kids enjoying their sweets. (Out of 26 shots of Daphne, already spastic from sugar, the only one where she held still enough to be in focus was, well, you'll see...)

I sent this last one to Big Daddy via MMS and his only response was, "You took our kids out with no shoes???" And then later, "I love how the Mona Lisa on the wall is like 10x bigger than the real thing." Nothing about how picturesque his little boy was with the light from the window and the fresh flowers in the background. Men! Sigh... (In my defense, it was an impulse stop. I hadn't planned on feeling the overwhelming need for cake until I passed The Chocolate. But chocolate overrides bare feet every day of the week. Sorry for being so white trash, Hon.)



sarah marie. said...

whatever! that picture of you with your hair curly is the cutest it's ever looked. i love it. but please don't think i'm offended for you saying that. i cut bangs when i was pregnant with oscar. big mistake.

Hildie said...

Your cankles are not that bad.

I like your hair.

How can you never have been to The Chocolate? I've been there and I don't even live in Utah.

Charlie N. Holmberg said...

Your pregnancy has gone by so fast! EEE! Your next post will be with the newborn, I can feel it!

alex dumas said...

I would really like to try the gelato. And the hot dog. And the pregnant lady. She's hot.

CaraDee said...

Shut up, I already told you your hair is the bomb. You look all sexy with it, especially in that picture. Long hair doesn't always equal great. Just ask me. ha ha.

Financial Aid for College said...

Great Pictures! I love the hair! Daphne looks hyper enough to explode, Beck looks great in that light, What's a cankle? (A cantankerous ankle?).

And you had better take me to The Chocolate when I get there. I've never even heard of it.

Financial Aid for College said...

Oh, YEAH! And I want that hot dog, too!

Koreena said...

Daphne's hair is great. And your baby bump is very cute! You look so tiny, though I know all too well that even when someone says that doesn't mean it feels that way at all!

Marin said...

I LOVE your hair. i would kill to have that curl.

Megan B ♥ said...

For the record, your hair looks fantastic. Absolutely gorgeous.

Nicki said...

I LOVE your hair! I think it totally suits you.

Kay said...

wow... your kids have gotten so much bigger since the last time i've seen them!

and your hair.. i like it. but i always loved your very long hair best. >=D

when is your due date?

Christie said...

I love your hair - it totally suits you. In fact, I was scrolling through the pictures before I read, and my first thought was how cute I thought your hair looks.