Monday, January 3, 2011

Misc. January

It's a good thing the word "miscillaneous" has an abbreviation because, as you can see, I have no idea how to spell miscilanious. Miscellaneous? Miscalaneous?Seriously, no idea. My guess is that no one else can spell it either and that's why someone finally said, "SCREW IT, I'm just writing "misc." from now on!"

First off, I am somehow still alive after the craziness that was December. I ended up not doing teacher gifts, which I feel super bad about. I even planned to make up for it over the break and make some and send them with Daphne and Beck this week, but that never happened either. Maybe a heartfelt thank you card would be just as good? Or maybe I should just forget about making soap and go get some gift cards to Target. Everyone can use those, right? Anyway, cutting that out might just have saved my sanity.

Also, after shopping 12 hours a day for 4 days straight, I managed to get gifts in time for Christmas. Gifts I think the people I bought them for actually liked. Of course, it didn't really matter what we got for Daphne other than this one present because, well...I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Meet Cuddles and Lollipop, baby Netherland Dwarf bunnies. Unfortunately, Daphne thinks the bunnies are toys and has been playing with them a bit too imaginatively. She actually lost Cuddles for 4 hours on December 26th--after spending an hour and a half ripping the house apart and not finding a single trace of Cuddles (we started eyeing the cat suspiciously at that point), Big Daddy sat quietly in the library (the last known location of Cuddles) with the lights off and just listened. Eventually he heard some scratching. Cuddles ended up being in a 3" high space on top of the books but under the next shelf, a shelf 3 1/2 feet off the ground. Cuddles did NOT get up there by herself. We've also found the bunnies in drawers, in doll-houses, dressed in doll clothes, and there was one incident that involved a toy hammer and a bloody bunny nose. We've promised not to discuss that one with anyone, so mortified is Daphne. Nonetheless, Daphne has been sentenced by the Court of Mom and Dad to have only supervised visitation rights until further notice.

New Years Eve was kinda lame, but I was Ok with it. I guess that makes me kinda lame. But I'm OK with it. We got a bunch of cocktail shrimp and some Meyers sparkling grape juice (SO delicious--if you haven't tried it, do! I recommend the Cold Duck), and a chocolate silk pie. Then we ate and drank and watched TV until I fell asleep on Big Daddy's chest at 11:30. He woke me up at midnight with a kiss and said "Happy New Year." And then we went to sleep. We are loads of fun.

Three exciting things are in my future:
1) My camera that I got for Christmas is on its way. Well, I traded in the one I got for Christmas for one that isn't so embarrassingly behind my photographic capabilities. And that one is on its way. I am sooo excited!!!

2) I am getting cabinet and drawer pulls for my kitchen. It currently doesn't have any and it has bugged me since we first looked at this house. I hate having to pull open the drawers and cupboards by sticking my fingers under the corners. Here are the contenders:


3) That rash I got under my ring is going away. I finally found out that it is a sort of yeast infection caused by too much moisture staying under the ring when I wash my hands. So I got some OTC cream and it's almost gone. This may not seem worthy of a Top 3 Exciting Things That Are Happening To Me list, but trust me, it is. If you saw how gross my finger looked, you'd understand.

On a down note, I have now gained more weight at the 5 month mark of this pregnancy than I did in both my other two pregnancies by the very end. Which makes me wonder: Is it more worth it to eat whateverthehellIwant now and for the rest of my pregnancy even if I end up having 40 lbs to lose afterward? Or is it more worth it to take it easy on the eating now, do some exercise, and try to minimize any more weight gain so I don't have to kill myself losing it later? Hmmm....tough call. I'll decide after I finish the last slice of Chocolate Silk Pie.

School is back in session. This morning I was forced to get myself showered and dressed by the shockingly early hour of 11am. Let's just say I let those little things like hygiene and being clothed slide a little bit over the last 3 weeks. Hey, I had to prioritize, and laying around doing nothing was just higher on the list.

Ok, I think that sums it up. How was your December?


Kristina P. said...

Funny! I was just looking at similar handles at Home Depot. I like the sleekness of the first ones.

just call me jo said...

Handles--first one

Bunnies--save the furry fellas. Keep visits supervised. Yikes!

Hygiene--I'm just tired of it. Cleanliness is absolutely over-rated.

Mrs. O said...

I love the first one, but just a warning they tend to grab your pockets/belt loops and rip them.

And how adorable is she with her bunnies? I'd say very!

veronica said...

a. I was also going to vote for handle #1. That is until I read Mrs. O's comment. She speaks the truth so now I must reconsider.

b. Supervised bunny visitation. Classic!

c. Chocolate Silk Pie. Mmmmmmmm.

Financial Aid for College said...

I think #3 looks dowdy, but I like the sleekness of #1. Don't they have a sleek handle without those little rip-off-your-ring-finger ends?

Anonymous said...

The third “miscellaneous” is correct. :D

I like the second drawer handle.

And BUNNIES? Awesome. I would have loved that! I STILL would love that.

I’ve never been pregnant, but I would say watch what you eat regardless. It could make the difference between losing 40 or 50 pounds, so why make extra work for yourself?

Koreena said...

Love that you got Daphne bunnies! That's so fun! And I'm glad you found the missing one.

Since I'm right there with you on the weight gain, I'll tell you that I plan on eating better and getting back to exercising . . . right after the Christmas candy is gone.

Mia said...

That is awesome that you got Daphne bunnies. I can tell she loves them!

Nicki said...

It was so good to see you guys!!! And I can tell how in love Daphne is with her bunny. What a perfect present :)

Marin said...

um... forget the handles, i want to come see those bunnies and "borrow" one. how cute are those little things?