Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Hereby Sentence Myself To The Naughty List

Why can't I prepare for Christmas in November? WHY??? Why do I wait until the last minute and make the few days before the holiday so stressful and crazy that I can't even enjoy them?

I currently have several days worth of goo on my kitchen floor from...
Attempts at making gingerbread men by my kids and their cousins
My mother making her shoes glittery. (Don't ask)
Me making rolls, then coffee cake, then tacos.

I have 60 Christmas cards sitting out on the ottoman that need to be stuffed, addressed, stamped, and hauled likitysplit to the post office in hopes that at least a few might arrive before New Years.

There are 18 loads of laundry to be done; 4 from our trip and 14 from my kids, who decided to spill on every pair of pants and every shirt they own while we were gone.

I still haven't bought gifts for my husband or children (but at least the relatives' gifts got bought, wrapped, and carried by hand to all the out-of-state relatives by my brother and SIL who just left from visiting us. THANK YOU for saving my butt on that one, Guys).

I still need to make neighbor gifts (candied cinnamon almonds) and teacher gifts (handmade soap. And yes, I realize that school let out a full week ago and I'm not going to see any of my kids' teachers before Christmas, but my guilt at not making gifts because I was on a cruise is clouding my sense of logic on that one right now so we'll see how it all turns out after the soap is made).

And my cat has decided that the house would have a more festive air if she used her kitty litter pebbles as confetti.

Seriously, next year I am going to start doing all this stuff in November. November will be the new December, and my cut-off for making Christmas cards, buying presents, and making teacher/neighbor gifts will be Thanksgiving. Never mind that I'm utterly NOT in the mood for Christmas in early November and it offends my sense of proper holidays to skip ahead. Come hell or high water, I WILL ENJOY DECEMBER NEXT YEAR!!!!


just call me jo said...

Good luck with that...I say, "Just take stronger medication." Gifts and cards that are there for Christmas is just a suggestion. I'm sure that's right. And as for the clean house and laundry--there will be time for that next year.

Kristina P. said...

How did it come so fast?!?

CaraDee said...

I did most of the shopping in November, but it makes for a very boring December.

I have nieces here overnight till tomorrow, but can I help you with anything tomorrow??? Babysit? Laundry? Stuffing envies?

Jillybean said...

I did start doing all that stuff in November, and I'm still not finished.
We're thinking about taking our Christmas card photo tonight.

Teachinfourth said...

At least you have a plan, right?

You're halfway there...

Sara said...

I am so with you on this one!

Rachel said...

Happy new year, and a successful 2011 to everyone!