Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Only Reason Why I Love Winter

Guess What?

That means my favorite--

And my second favorite--

And even my former favorite, which is now too sweet for me, which is now my kids' favorite--

(Does anyone even eat those other crappy flavors???)

I'm sorry if my local Brownie feels like this come March...

Because I think my car will be packed with happiness.

p.s. The above picture does not demonstrate an intent to distribute. I am strictly a consumer (on a massive scale).


Heather said...

And we totally appreciate your order! If you have any other friends that want to order girl scout cookies, please let them know our email, "M" would be thrilled. ^_^

Kristina P. said...

Ahhhhh! I didn't realize it was that time!

Financial Aid for College said...

I hope they come by my house in February. I may give myself a special dispensation to eat a whole package of Samoas in one day. then back to my diet!

If they DON'T show up, I'll make myself a Cherry Crunch pie for Valentines, and eat it ALL! That's what holidays are for. I'll be loving YOU in my thoughts while I chow down.

PS, what is your favorite chocolate and nut combo this year? And Mr's?

Lia said...

We don't get these over here, but I do think the back of your car would be a great place to hibernate to for the rest of the winter.

You do realise that if you eat all of those everyone will have to roll you down hills, 'coa you'll be so round.
Much love

Tiffany said...

Seriously, who eats those gross kinds?

Sara said...

Funny, bring some of those to my house!