Monday, January 31, 2011

H2 Oh Yeah Baby

Why does water taste so awful during the day and so absolutely wonderful just before bed?

Is it just me???

(I wonder if it's because my body ENJOYS waking up to pee 12 times a night. That must be it.)



Suzie said...

I thought that was just me. I seriously drink 32 oz right before bed.
I can make it all night w/out peeing, however, so worth it.

Adult diaper?

Koreena said...

I'm the same way!!! I have to force myself to drink anything during the day, but right before bed I can't get enough! I hate it because I know I'll be up in an hour to pee, but I have to have water at some point!

sarah marie. said...

how funny i was thinking the EXACT same thing last night!

alex dumas said...

I totally hear you too.

Anonymous said...

I'd say it's just you, but the other comments prove me wrong. XD

Financial Aid for College said...

What you say is completely, 100% true. And I guess you can't just blame it on your genetics.

signed, "Up All Night!"