Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dirty Little Secret Part 2

In case you weren't around last year when I let the cat out of the bag, it's time you knew...

I am a Passion Parties' consultant! What is Passion Parties? It's a company that does parties in women's homes, like Tupperware or Pampered Chef. Only instead of selling plastic containers and kitchen gadgets, I sell romantic products. My company's philosophy is that women should be able to enjoy sex as much as men, and if you need a little help, then get it! Everything we sell, with one or two exceptions, is for WOMEN. It's all about making things fun, building intimacy, improving satisfaction...basically bringing husband and wife closer together. And it's all done in the privacy of a friend's home--safe, tasteful, confidential, informative. If you've ever been to a sex-shop trying to find something to spice up your love life, you'll know that it's usually a) embarrassing b) scary c) gross d) expensive and e) overall a nerve-wracking and overwhelming experience. So Passion Parties tries to make looking for romantic products a lot easier and less intimidating. Even some of my most conservative friends have said to me later, "I was really nervous to go to that kind of party, but it was great! It was very tastefully done." And the party consultant is like your own little Dr.Ruth, there to give advice and tips and guide you to finding products that will help you rekindle the romance.

We sell tame things like little card games and dice to help you be more creative in the bedroom, flavored products like chocolate raspberry passion powder and Fireworks flavored massage lotion, and lingerie. We also sell more wild products that I'll leave to your imagination. But everything is sold with the intent to help couples get closer to each other and have more satisfaction in the bedroom.

I went to my first Passion Party about 4 years ago and bought quite a bit of stuff. I went to my second Passion Party the next year and bought a bunch more stuff. I loved their products so much that I decided to sell them. And I've really enjoyed being in this business. It is part teacher (because the parties are very educational), part therapist (because women open up to me about what they're dealing with so I can help them find a solution) and part comedian (because I try to keep my presentations very light). It's really a fun job. And I believe strongly in what I do. I believe that adding a bit of spice to your marriage is a GOOD thing. The more a couple enjoys sex, the more sex they'll have. And the more sex they have, they happier and more faithful they are likely to be. So it's all good for a healthy, happy, even religious marriage!

Things have been kind of slow since the summer, though. People were busy and out of town a lot. So I'm trying to get the ball rolling again now that school is back in session. And with Christmas approaching, my products make great stocking stuffers for your Sweetie. So if you think you might be interested in either products or a party, let me know. You can browse at my website here. If you'd like to know more, you can email me at arianne at the passionroom dot com. (Everything is completely confidential. And don't worry about sharing details or asking me questions....it's my job! Just think of me like your doctor--I don't judge, and I promise I won't laugh.)

AND I have some deals going on:

1) Early Bird Special!! Order by November 30th, and I will give you 15% off your order AND I will enter you in a drawing to receive a Passion Parties basket, full of more than $50 worth of Passion Parties products. (Use the code "earlybird09" on my website.)

2) If you place an order on my website before Dec 30th, use the code "blogpromo" at checkout and I'll give you 10% off your order. (Or mention to me that you saw this on my blog if you perfer to email me your order.)

3) Sign up to hold a party that takes place before Dec 30th and I will give you an extra 5% hostess credit (for a total of 15%) at your party.

4) Not daring enough to hold a party yourself but have a friend you know would love to be a hostess? Well, if you refer someone to me for a party, I'll send YOU a gift certificate to use at my website. Just have them use your name when they contact me.

Thanks for allowing this shameful self-solicitation! I hope to hear from you soon.


Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

Hey, you did a great job on this post. I've been to a Passion Parties party and it was lots of fun. I too, bought lots of goodies. I thought it was such a great idea that I talked my mom into becoming a consultant. I now have her "kit". She had the perfect personality for this, and I think you do too.

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...
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rae said...

Nice! My cronies and I embarrassed the crap out of the consultant at a recent party. We couldn't figure out why she kept going purple and sputtering. Turns out it was her first ever presentation (and she had no clue how "free" a bunch of geographically isolated wives could be); very entertaining.

kado! said...

fun! I've been to one of those parties! I bought these cute plastic containes that have little "messages" inside ...you put the containers in your bubble-bath and take turns reading the messages! hehehe!

me...I love me a "adult-store" too...but in Vegas that is no big thing!

...i just have to be careful to put the "toys" away...that could be hard to explain!

i'll have to check out your site!

Anonymous said...

Is it like Avon where the goods are shipped to you and you deliver them? Or will they ship directly to the customer if they happen to be in another state? If you want to drive down to Texas to deliver them, I don't have a problem with that, though your family may.

Plain Jame said...

I would've NEVER guessed you were into THAT kind of thing - hosting parties that is.. what did you think I meant?

Shawn said...

OHHHH! I am just shocked! :)

(trust me, I have a few of those things---sex stores are so intriguing!)

tiburon said...

heheheh I knew this already. And I have benefited. Lots.