Monday, May 4, 2009


Hmmmm....evidently I know NO ONE who does Mary Kay. How is that possible? I live in Utah!! I thought it was a pre-requisite to getting your temple recommend, that someone you know had to do Mary Kay. Guess mine will have to be revoked.

My back hurts. I feel like an old lady because my back always hurts. ALWAYS. It has since I was about 12 years old. Maybe I should stop digging ditches all day.

My feet also usually hurt. I can't wear cute shoes because I have these terrible feet. I guess they're pretty flat. I don't know what else their problem is. But I usually have to wear pretty comfortable shoes, and that sucks.

My thyroid problems may not actually be thyroid problems. Although I have had several cases of thyroiditis (enlarged thyroid), my endocrinologist suspects it's actually Vitamin D deficiency, which evidences a lot of the same symptoms. Still waiting for blood test results.

(Do I sound like a big fat hypochondriac, geriatric whiner yet or what???)

I have terrible veins. TERRIBLE. And the lady at my endocrinologist's office stuck me three times without getting a drop. Then she gave up. So I had to go to another phlebotomist in another county to try again. I told her my vein woes. But she still pulled out a freaking huge needle (not the usual, tiny butterfly needle they always use on me). I just laughed at her over-confidence. AS IF. Well, I was wrong. She picked a good vein, got it on the first stick, and it was a gusher!

Ok, non health related...

I love Coke. Have I mentioned that? Since going off Biggest Loser last month, my 1/2 Coke a day limit has gone to a 2 Coke a day limit. I'm going to need another intervention soon.

Nothing is worse than a disappointing cake. Big Daddy bought a cake from a fundraiser thing at work. He ordered German Chocolate, which he did JUST FOR ME, since he can't even eat German Chocolate. It looked delicious when it came (2 weeks and $25 later). However, it was NOT THAT GOOD. It ended up being dark, rich, fudgey chocolate. NOT nice light Germany chocolate. And the coconut/pecan/caramel frosting that is what German Chocolate Cake is all about was only on the inside. The outside was regular chocolate icing. So, the moral of this story? Don't give to fundraisers.

I really dug the hard rain all day Sunday. I don't like cold rain or drizzle or cloudy skies. But I loooove a good hard spring rain, especially if there is lightning and thunder involved. Hail is an extra bonus.

I'm really glad we don't have tornadoes here in Utah. This time of year in Michigan we had to run for the basement several times a week. The sound of those sirens still haunts me in my nightmares.

My TV blew up this morning. Like, literally. It was working and the kids were watching a show. Then they called me in to put on a movie a few minutes later. I wondered why they weren't interested in their show, and when I got to the TV it was black. I thought Beck had turned it off. But I tried and tried to turn it on and off and nothing happened. Then this foul odor, like burning chicken feathers, came from the inside of the TV. (Who knew that TV's were made of chicken feathers??) So I unplugged it and watched it suspiciously for several minutes, lest flames come shooting out. But it never did catch fire, it just hurled noxious smoke for a while. Dang. Guess we'll have to upgrade to a flat screen. Off to Costco!

Costco, by the way, is the place to see people you know. I saw four people I knew at Costco today during lunch.

Also, Costco has the best churros ever. In case you've never tried them, treat yourself to one. They're large, soft, chewy, and cinnasugary. They kick state fair churros' culos.

My kids are both napping. BOTH. This has become a bi-weekly event, at best. I. LOVE. NAPTIME.

I love my dryer. It will dry a whole load of whites (on medium heat) in 25 minutes and a whole load of towels and jeans in 40. It rocks. I wish I could say the same for my fancy new front-loading washer. I could take it or leave it. Shhhhh. Don't tell Big Daddy. I begged him for a fancy new front-loading washer. But it's really not that great.

Finally, dark chocolate peanut M&M's will be the death of me.

Back to the laundry....


Jen said...

I am with you on the chronic back pain, I have had it as long as I can remember. It sucks. Oh and since having Mason my ankles and feet hurt a lot too, what gives. I also have tiny veins I love the little butterfly needles. although I still bruise with them. I would rather have cherry coke than regular, but regular will due. :) Wanna come fold our 10++ loads of laundry??? lol

jennie w. said...

I'm totally healthy and don't like Costco churros (too eggy tasting).

Are you sure we're sisters?

Devri said...

ok, radom, is great!

My back hurts too, probably from the 7 babies, biggest 10lbs.. Who ever said I could carry big tongan babies anyways..

Glad your tv didn't catch fire, but glad you get to help out the economy

MiaKatia said...

Tiburon's friend Hayley sells Mary Kay.

Mmmm Dark peanut M&M's!!!

We have had torrential rains, flooding and tornadoes. But Everything is amazingly green :)

rychelle said...

i had to go to urgent care last week, because of back spasms. i've never experienced them before, and i was pretty sure i might die.

i miss thunder/lightning/rain storms. we get rain on occasion, but never the other fun stuff.

i had my first laser treatment. and it hurt.

Tiffany said...

Damn those Costco churros! Sorry about your TV. Congratulations on your naptimes.

Najma said...

What sucks even worse than a disappointing cake, is a disappointing cake that you yourself made! I made a cake for my little brothers birthday last week and it turned out horrible. It looked incredible, but tasted horrible. My little brother doesn't like really sweet frosting, so I decided to try a swiss meringue buttercream. I guess I didn't make it right, because it tasted like I frosted the cake with honey butter.

I get really freaked out when we have storms like we did yesterday. I never used to be that way until my brother went on a mission to Oklahoma, thn it became even worse when we had that tornado in SLC. I need therapy.

Melissa said...

You were gypped on the cake. Really 25.00 bucks for NON-German chocolate cake. A crime really.

Wish I could dig the dark chocolate M&M's. I can't. Just.too.healthy

Najma said...

Now I'm really freaked out...

SO said...

I too love Coke. Love it. Unfortunately with my heart problems I've been told to can the caffeine. *sob* It's been a week. Lovely.

Sorry about the cake and the TV. I hope you got a nice new flat screen.

Anonymous said...

Big bummer on the German chocolate cake and for $25? Better whip a homemade one up yourself, just for the satisfaction!

Since today is Cinco De Mayo, and I have to run into Costco I might just try one of those churros!

Christie said...

I was thinking the same as Estee about the tornadoes, because I also read that article. And that cake still sounded good to me too.

Oh - and I have an old friend who sold Mary Kay. I'll call her and see if she still does.

Najma said...

Okay, yesterday around 2ish there was a tornado warning or watch (not sure which one) for right where I live. I'm going to go live under my porch in the basement now. I'm such a scaredy cat.

Shawn said...

So sad about the cake....

And my daughter loves those churros too---and we BOTH love those berry smoothies---yummy!

Notice I honed in on the food stuff?

I'm like that.

Sara said...

Seriously, I would sell a body part for my front loader, I love it!

Anonymous said...

I feel being a hypochondriac gives me a sense of meaning. It also lets me know I'm alive.

tiburon said...

I think you know how I feel about the random posts.