Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ode to Wii

I have my friend Tiburon to thank for my new obsession: the Wii game station. We (Kelly and I) played it at her house the other day with her and her husband. It was SO fun! We did bowling, golf, and this insane game called Raging Rabbids (pictured above). I can't remember the last time I liked video gaming so much. Not only is it semi-active (you actually have to get up and move to play it), but at least from the games we played I am super pleased with the fact that the games are FUN games (remember that? When video games were fun?) and not just murder-fantasy games or sports games. We have an xbox and I never play it. With the exception of Dance Dance revolution, I don't like any of the games for it. We own many and have rented more, but there's just nothing I dig. I like the old-school games like Super Mario Brothers and Klax. So these Wii games seem right up my ally. Now the problem: We don't own a Wii! Kelly wants to wait until they "crack" it before he buys one, but I'm ready to start saving up now. I'm jonesing! Tib, you might be seeing a lot more of me soon. If I start dropping by unannounced, don't be surprised. Hey, I'll bring treats! (Well, if you consider caramel rice cakes treats).


Tiburon said...

Come by any time! We are always playing :) You have an open invitation!

Chelsea said...

Wii is so fun! I tried to convince Eric to get one but he loves his Xbox 360 and he's about to buy a Playstation 3. Boys! Now you just need to try Guitar Hero. :) I read that a lot of the new games are specifically geared towards being fun for girls/women, rather than the war games that men typically like.

alex dumas said...

I assume that the Wii is old news by now. Raging Rabbids was a lot of fun for a while.