Friday, November 22, 2013

Getting To Know You, Part 3 - The Kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home.  In our case, the kitchen is more like the shins of our home.  Not quite at one end of the house, but close. 

When we explored this house for the first time, I knew that one thing that would have to change was the kitchen.  Built in 1996 in what was probably then a very chic, fancy style (cherry wood with lots of ornate trim), it was clearly good quality.  But SO not my style.  And the layout--all shoved into one corner with a strange angular "s" shaped island--it didn't do the baroque cabinetry any favors. 

The kitchen also had an attached breakfast nook area with a built in hutch.  Across from that room was a room that the previous owners had used as a family room but which immediately jumped out to me as a better dining room. And if we moved the dining area there, I could use all that breakfast nook space to expand the kitchen! 

So, here is what we have now, and what I hope it will be...

That's the new lay-out.   It includes a big fat island that seats 5, a double window seat by the windows, a desk and double ovens (on that top wall), and a new window in the bottom corner next to the stove.  (I made these layouts myself with a cool app called Home Design DIY).

Here's the style we're going for...

We've met with a couple of kitchen designers.  We're still waiting for bids to see how much this will break the bank.  (I don't want to know!)  But I guess you've got to spend what you've got to spend so that the shins of your home are just right.



Kate said...

I love your style. Are those chairs connected to the island? So like, you don't have to move them to sweep? Because that is genius.

I want to hear about your experience with kitchen designers. I really would like to consult someone before we redo ours, since I'm planning on moving a bunch of things around too.

Omgirl said...

Well, technically, that's not MY style, just someone else's style I want for my own, haha!

Hmm, never thought about the ease of sweeping under those attached bar stools! Maybe I need to reconsider. I had planned on normal bar stools.

Bjorge Queen said...

I guess the heart wants what it wants, but I would leave the kitchen alone. Maybe if it was from the 50s or something.