Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Substitute Mother Bird Needed

During the second trimester of this pregnancy, I got the nesting instinct. Big Time. I spent hours online looking at baby bedding. When I couldn't find any I liked, I went crazy going from fabric store to fabric store to find the perfect combination of cloth for my mom to sew. I did a lot of shopping for stuff for the kids' rooms, too, I cleaned a lot, organized a bunch, painted some stuff, remodelled a few things. I had all these great plans for getting my house ready for my baby bird.

And then I ran out of steam.

But evidently Mother Nature feels like the nest isn't ready yet because all I can think about all day is all the spaces of the house I DIDN'T get done.

For example, I wanted to choose some colorful pillows and accent pieces for our living room. It's all neutrals--grey, beige, and black with ocre walls--and it needs some punches of color to spice it up. I thought about a bright plum or violet, but I never found any pillows that color.
I'm also thinking of a light robin's egg blue. But if I do that, I want to paint the currently sage green kitchen/dining room the same shade of light blue, which I adore. It would look so darling with the red and white accents I have through out the kitchen.

But I just don't have the energy.

The guest room, which has brick red bedding and accessories with touches of sage is in a room previously painted LAVENDER. Can I just tell you how much that clashes??? It looks so sickly in there. But once again, I'm out of steam for repainting.
(This picture is fuzzy, but it shows the true shade of the walls best)

Back when I had some energy, I picked out new bedding for Beck. It's in dark red, blue and white, with stars. A little bit American looking, but very subdued. I'm not into the whole countrified Americana theme. AT ALL. But he still needs a matching valance, snd some matching art-work. And the zoo animal border on the wall that was here when we moved in probably needs to come down, but...I think you know what I'm going to say here: I'm just too tired.

And then there's the baby's nursery. It currently has a giant world map taking up the entire back wall. It still has the sewing table up from when my mom was here. In December. The walls are tan. I can live with tan, I guess. But I have the feeling they should be painted more to match the baby's bedding, which my mom is nearly finished sewing. Here is a swatch:

And there is this great old bookcase in there. Currently it's kind of a dusty turquoise. Big Daddy hates it. I could paint it to match. Or I could just move it somehwere else. Most likely neither one of them is going to happen any time soon. But, hey, I still have two months 'til the baby comes, right?

I should probably either pick out a new color of towel for the master bath or else paint it. The walls are a cross between clay grey and moss green. Our towels are brick red. It's not the greatest color combo. But what is the solution?

See? I just have too many projects and not enough mojo. Anyone want to lend their design sense? Or their painting arm? Pay is crappy and hours are long. But you might get free baked goods out of the deal. They seem to be pretty plentiful around here lately. That's one thing you can always count on a pregnant lady for. Energy? No. Sweets? Heck yes.


Hildie said...

First of all, I saw all your baby bedding finished at Mom's house and it is CUTE! Really, really cute.

Secondly, don;t listen to big daddy because if you read any DIY decorating blogs everybody is painting furniture turquoise and then making it look a little shabby. You already have that. Don't mess with it.

Thirdly, I think plum accents would look really nice in your family room. But I don't think you're going to find anything plum right now. It's not the season for that.

Fourthly, I always run out of steam until after I have the baby. After about two months postpartum I just get on fire. I feel so light and free not having a baby inside that I get so much more done. I don't know how you are going muster up any energy until after you have the baby.

Koreena said...

I hear ya on the long list of projects but no energy! I started cleaning out all our stuff stored in the basement and organizing it. Somewhere in the middle of January it got ignored. I still have a giant pile down there just waiting to go to DI but I don't want to take it until I've done the rest of the house . . . though I'm wondering when that's ever going to happen.

It's nice to see pics of inside your house. It's cute! I say leave the map. Maybe her first word will be Africa. ;)

Financial Aid for College said...

I can guarantee the World Map will not coordinate well with the birdie fabric of the bedding. And I think it's a good idea to wait until after the baby is born to find your mojo. Perhaps you can have your open house just before you move somewhere else.

Bjorge Queen said...

I like the fabric. I love Alexander Henry designs. Birds are really in right now. (That particular print looks great with red with white polka dots.)

Don't buy pillows. Your selection will be limited and you'll pay twice as much. I recommend making them. Or get some cheap discount bin pillows and make slip covers for them. You'll probaby pay less than you would for stuffing and you can was them which will be nice when that new baby spits up on them.

Check out the home decor fabric store on 70th and State (if it's still there) and ebay is good too. I get the best fabric on ebay. You can search by color.

CaraDee said...

Plum is HOT right now, or at least my color-blind version, which is closer to a vibrant purple berry. I agree with Amy tho. Find some amazing fabric and make some SIMPLE SIMPLE pillowcases like the ones I made with a SIMPLE SIMPLE pattern Ikea gave me. Way cheaper.

You and I have a little bit of different tastes when it comes to decorating, but I'll come over and try to help you out with something if I can. I was just thinking, like yesterday, how you're due for the returned favor of me cleaning something. Or you could save it till you're a blimp.

Chelsea said...

I am SO with you on the overwhelming list of projects! I have a master list that I tackle one item at a time - but yeah, if I were pregnant I don't think I'd be making any headway.

I am kind of obsessed with making my own pillow covers, it's so fun and easy - and limitless options for fabrics.

I LOVE that bookcase.

Tiffany said...

Your house is gorgeous! I love it! And I love the fabric for baby's bed.