Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I've Never

I don't know if you've ever played this game at a shower or party, but it's kind of fun to take stock of what things you've judiciously avoided in your life, what things you have gone for, and what things may have occured like-it-or-not. Anyway, I was thinking about it for some unknown reason while my children were creating mayhem in the McDonalds playland last week (my go-to activity for energy burn-off when Big Daddy is out of town and the weather is bad and I'm on the verge of committing double filicide--your vocabulary word for the day, look it up). Here's what I came up with:

I've never...
1. Had a manicure
2. Ridden in a limo
3. Had to wear a cast
4. Worn a diamond ring
5. Gone mountain biking
6. Worn fake nails (unless you count the fabulous set of Lee Press-On Nails I got for Christmas in 1985, which I don't because they only stayed on for 10 seconds at a time)
7. Died my hair black (how I missed out on this one, I don't know. I still think about doing it all the time.)
8. Slept out under the stars (Are you kidding me?? Hello, BUGS!)
9. Been Scuba diving
10. Shot an animal (Though I did kill a spider once by applying nail polish to it and then feeling guilty and applying nail polish remover to it. Probably more cruel than shooting it.)
11. Owned a dog
12. Been to a pro football game
13. Eaten an ice cream cone (even as a child, I only wanted it in a dish)
14. Shoplifted
15. Made out in a movie theater (although I've seen it more times than I cared to, ew)
16. Driven without my seat belt
17. Been to court
18. Had a cold sore
19. Owned a jean jacket (Yes, my high school years were sorely lacking here)
20. Driven the speed limit the whole way somewhere
21. Worn jeans with high heals
22. Read Harry Potter
23. Mowed a lawn
24. Lost my keys (misplaced? Oh yes. Truly lost, not yet, knock on wood.)
25. Actually committed filicide

What about you?


Kristina P. said...

Wow, no manicure or jeans with heels?

alex dumas said...

We just played this game at enrichment. I've done everything on your list except #s 3, 9, 12, 15 and 25. But I bet I've never done a few things that you have.

just call me jo said...

Wow! I'm amazed at the rather "common" activities that you've never done. I think except for # 18, I've done everything you haven't. (I stole a band aid from a drug store once. Don't even ask...) Maybe your list should include what you HAVE done. I'm intrigued.

just call me jo said...

Oh, oh, oh--I haven't committed filicide either. oh, oh, oh

Chelsea said...

Hahaha I own a jean jacket now. :P

My big one is that I've never had a cavity. Pretty proud of that, especially since I don't always remember to brush my teeth and at times I've gone years between professional cleanings.

Financial Aid for College said...

Didn't you have a cast on your wrist when you broke it snowboarding? SURELY I bought you an ice cream CONE when you were a child. And you MUST have tried out diamond rings at a jewelry store, no?

Don't take up that dare of telling what you HAVE done! You've had more adventures in life than any 5 ordinary girls! (Who else do you know who was nearly kidnapped into white slavery in Bankok?!)

Mrs. O said...

WIll you eat an ice cream cone for a dollar? I've never died my hair pink on purpose. I've never had a tattoo.

9, 12,15, 16, & 25 would also be on my list.

Marin said...

some of these are really surprising an some of them i wish that i could put on my "never" list.... i'm jealous